How Reach Online POS Software helped our Customer in Managing Retail Book Store ?


“Tek Bookmart” is MALAYSIA’S FIRST BOOKSTORE for private and International Syllabus and servicing as a one stop centre for private and international schools across Malaysia in resourcing, planning and management. As the Company scaled up into an educational resource hub, planning and management of resources became a critical element of the business for which significant IT solutions were required.

Challenges faced By Them

The main challenge faced by Tek Bookmart was in managing customer orders, delivery efficiency and order tracking. Thus the Company sought the assistance of Reach via its Online POS Software. They evaluated this product via a demo session and made comparisons to other POS software providers. Upon which, they concluded to use Reach Online POS Software.

How Reach Online POS Software helped them to come out of their Challenges?

Mr.Thebendra Head of Finance has 4 years working experience in the audit industry with Pricewaterhouse Coopers feels that organization has now become more organized and a whole new level of vibrancy and innovation was affected throughout the Company after the implementation of Reach Online POS Software.

Now they are able to manage the Company’s stores and customers more effectively and efficiently. He is also satisfied about the readymade product for their business. They also felt the charges were reasonable compared to other software in the market.

Take a look at the service and the benefits available to help you reach out to the global marketplace.

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