How to select the right ERP Software?

Every Company spends huge amount in automating their business processes. In general, Companies choose ERP software based on their budgets rather than their requirements. In most of the cases, the buying decision is based on brand name or because their competitors/Friends are using that particular ERP software. Evaluating software on the above mentioned criteria will not serve the purpose. This is why companies fail to implement ERP solution effectively. As a result they end up following the old process and the basic purpose of an ERP solution is defeated. In some cases, because they have spent lot of money in software they will continue using it without the desired result. Now let us see the basic steps to select the right ERP Software

  • As a company, you need to understand the main objective behind automating your business. One may want to track their expenses; one may want to measure their sales performance and so on. So each organization should define their objective well before automating their business.
  • Next thing you have to consider is the learning capacity of your employees. If you think, your employees will be difficult to adapt to the new technology then you can think about providing sufficient training on the ERP software. If you still feel the existing employees will not be able to use it efficiently, you can think about bringing in additional employees.
  • Next step to consider is the technological changes that are required for the new system. There is ERP software which can work with servers some without servers. Generally ERP software which requires a server will involve more investment. Similarly system configuration, internet facilities will also be a requirement in few cases. After looking into this you need to choose whichever is suitable for you.
  • The next step you have to do is compare the available ERP software in the market. By comparing different ERP software you will know each software pros and cons.
  • Then you will have to read reviews about short listed ERP software in the internet. By reading reviews about software you will get a fair idea about the feedback of the customers.
  • The last step but the most important step is to finalize on the budget you would like to spend on the ERP software to achieve your desired results.

To get a proper analysis of an ERP software you can read more about it here. For any queries you can call us  at 044-49272736

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