3 Questions to ask yourself before employing an accountant?

Every business is different and every company has at least one accountant to keep the books in order to manage inventory, cash, receivables/payables, payroll, purchasing, credit approval/collections, and the list goes on.

Question # 1. Why do you need him and what does he actually do?


In a small scale business, an accountant’s role consist of primarily financial data collection, entry and report generation.

You possibly hire an accountant to

  • Reconcile bank statements to the companys book.
  • Manage your Payroll
  • Prepare property tax returns.
  • Issue financial statements of how the company is doing to management,
  • Calculate depreciation for all of the assets purchased for the company.
  • Compile data and record transactions.
  • Prepare a lot of journal entries.

He generally works from 9a.m-6p.m spending most of their day sitting behind desks crunching numbers with an accounting software which no layman can understand .The only time he gets really busy is at the end of year when auditor visits the company driving everyone up the wall.


Question # 2. Does he have the skills you need?

Accountants, who are expected to solve financial issues basically require

  • Strong analytical skills to analyze financial data,
  • Interpersonal skills to present complex financial data in simple terms,
  • Excellent communication skills to explain that so everyone can understand,as well.

Its really hard to pick one and if at all you find such a good one, you will still suffer when he resigns his job. Despite the fact that you will hunt a new accountant, he/she will have no conception about the previous transactions made and predominantly start the instigation. He cannot back up every data on your system or do anything if you are stuck in an airport and need access to a critical file back at the office.

Question # 3. How does he compare against Reach Accountant”™s Services

All that we need from you is to do billing with our software and see what we can do for you

  • Automatically import bank transactions.
  • Show your future revenue expectations.
  • Present everyday cash collection.
  • Shape inventory to meet customer”™s need.
  • Branch wise comparison.
  • Help you in business decisions by performing analysis.
  • Advise you on business operations.
  • Provide information at any time by just a click.
  • Check your accounts on the go.
  • Bills for reimbursement.
  • Provides Auto backup.
  • Payroll.



  Reach Accountant



  24k / yr

  1.2L / yr

Auto Backup



Reconcile Bank transactions

  Automatic hence faster

  At human speed

24*7 Support


  Might provide


  Desktop<->Online<->Mobile App


Accurate Reports




  In a flash

  At human speed

We provide you a billing software which speaks just in your language with accounting services along, that tirelessly feeds the machine from behind the scenes, which will replace your accountant.

I’m a tax expert with over 10 years of professional experience. I’ve gained practical insights on GST and other Taxes during my tenture as a Tax expert and GST Trainer in Reach Accountant.

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