Benefits of ERP that you need to know

Benefits of ERP that you need to know

ERP software or Enterprise resource planning software is one of the most useful and beneficial software for an organization. It does not attend to just one sector or a part of your company it is a complete toolbox that manages your entire business from A to Z from every side in every way.  It is an intelligent software that not only takes care of your company but also predicts the profitability of your business and helps you take better decisions as you will be able to judge better using ERP”™s intelligence.

Having ERP in a business has become a must with the competition on its peak and with so much to look after in a business. Everyone in the business world tries to manage their work better less hectic and that is exactly what ERP does for you. If you are a business owner you obviously need to manage your business, save time, make more profit and much more so ERP is the software that can take your business a step higher and bring your goals a step closer.

ERP”™s benefits in an organization is a vast chapter as of now let us look at it briefly.


  1. Strong security

ERP software provides the best security to your data. It gives bank level security to your data. In a business every owner has confidential datas that they wouldn”™t want to share with everyone or with his employees. ERP allows your employees to access the data in your business but your confidential datas remains locked away for your safety with high security and lets your employees access your datas partially.

  1. Better data storage

The data loss is not a rare incident it often happens with every type of business due to system crash or accidents and mishaps. But ERP stores your data in the cloud so it is restorable anytime. No matter what goes wrong with your data storage you always have a backup for your data.

  1. Better business

Isn”™t every business owner looking for this. ERP helps you achieve better business. It stores all your necessary data along with calculating your profitability and helping you compare the profits as it keeps a history of all your accounts which helps you in seeing what is profitable for you and what it not. It takes notes of every detail which leads to better business. ERP has all the required tools like customer management, accounting, inventory management, etc. These tools in ERP takes care of your business from every corner leading to harmony between departments, faster workflow and other processes that makes your business cost effective, gets you leads, prevents wastage from your inventory, tracks each and every expense, purchases and much more making your business more manageable and getting more sales.

  1. Gives better customer satisfaction

ERP is an entire package that has all the modules that helps in making it a self sufficient software. It takes care of every department therefore if one department gets any news or complaint from the customer it is automatically taken care of by the customer support due to the automation in your business system. Every module points towards taking care of your business hence it assures customer satisfaction as well to improve your business.

The inventory tracks the products hence you need not worry about disappointing the customers with out of stock news. And it will track all the customers, record their history plus helping you get updates and send out updates to your customers as well. All the work process in your business gains more speed which spares customers and clients from unnecessary delays.

  1. Helps in making better decisions

ERP software tracks your business profitability, expenses, purchases, inventory, work progress, etc. And collects extra data from the data provided by you and stores all the accounts keeping record of each and every tiny detail of your business. This way you can select what type of business you are to take up the coming month and see what risks are involved.

For example you will be able to tell which product is being sold out more and hence you will know what to keep in stock and that will bring in more profit.

  1. Accessibility

ERP is a cloud based software hence you can access it from anywhere even when you are away on a holiday you can keep an eye on your business. It provides you with updates in real time therefore you can control your business from wherever you are, all you need is an internet connection. It gives complete but selected accessibility that makes it highly safe.


Benefits of ERP that you need to know

Reach ERP

Reach ERP is a cloud based software that is one of the most leading online software. It automates your entire business and lets you take care of it even when you are not at your workplace. It is user friendly and customizes with any type of business.

Reach ERP integrates with other business operations like assembling, scheduling, accounting, billing, income, expenses, purchases, orders, production, sale, stock management, etc.

It allows you to track profitability and work progress, highest selling product, highest value sales executive and highest value customer graphically in its dashboard.


  • Dashboard
  • CRM
  • Warehouse management
  • Billing
  • Purchases and expenses
  • Accounting
  • Damages and scraps management
  • Quality/ batch control
  • Costing
  • Project management
  • Mobile app
  • Bulk sms and email

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