Best accounting software for India

Best accounting software for India gives your business a boost and helps in the growth of your business.

The best accounting software for India is an entirely cloud based accounting software and is a complete package that manages all your company”™s account and also helps in its growth.

Best accounting software for India


The need of accounting software has now become more necessary than ever as the companies strive to get all their work done sooner, better and get better business. There are number of accounting software that are coming up in India that are used in supermarkets, marketing, event management companies and industries etc. These software helps in managing all the accounts and helps the companies function better. Tally, Marg, Quickbook, Reach ERP are some of the accounting software in India.

Current Scenario

Accounting software in India are in demand because of the number of companies and amount of business that happens in this country. The best accounting software for India needs to be determined based on  how it takes care of the business and how it improves the business. In India it has become a necessity due to many competitors. Hence the companies are looking for a software that not only manages their accounts but also helps their business to improve and grow.


Business, companies, stores, retail shops etc face numerous problems that are related to managing their accounts and their competitors. Managing accounts can be problematic because of how much history needs to be saved and then everything must be in order. But we fail to do so with the amount of workloads we have upon us resulting in anxiety and hectic hours. Only managing accounts is another story and managing the entire company is another which can get us caught up and make the work very bulky and slow down the business process.


The accounting and business management problems can all be handed out to an accounting software. There are many software that helps in managing your accounts and helps in faster billing with easier and systematic way. But there must be a choice made and only the best accounting software must be given the job to handle your accounts and business. Reach is one of the best accounting software in India. It is completely cloud based and takes care of your entire business. (click on solution for free 15 days trial)


Top reasons to buy 

  1. See project wise profitability

The profitability of any project or your products can be kept in check with the help of Reach Accounting software. The work progress meter or your projects or the product”™s profit will be shown in a meter in the dashboard. Making it simple for you to know which project or product is bringing your company profit and the percentage or amount of the profit.

  1. Billing based completed task

The billing of your company gets much easier with Reach Accounting software. For example when you take up a project you can cut it down to segments and name them task wise and your clients can pay you accordingly. You can also keep reminders for the due date for your payments and that way you never miss out on your bills.

  1. Managing expenses for every project

The expenses as we know are in every business but with Reach Accountant every project”™s expenses will be taken care of. The projects can be filled in different sheets and the budgets will be under Reach”™s supervision. The budget used and the budget left will automatically match up keeping you alert about the expenses happening.


Features of the best accounting software for India 

  1. Project management

Every project management can be separately managed in Reach keeping it clean and ordered. The project expenses and the work progress, task completion etc the entire accounts and its project everything can be taken care by Reach Accountant software.

  1. Invoicing

Convert your bills easily and automatically into invoices with Reach Accounting software. The invoices can also be customized with your company”™s logo and tagline. Also choose from 20 different invoices and customize it with your company. Making it a professional approach when you deal with your customers.

  1. Expense management

Never again go astray from your budget with Reach Accountant taking care of your business expenses. The budget and the amount of expenses will be updated as per the expenses and you can be alert of how much you have spent and the purpose.

  1. Accounting

Being one of the best accounting software for India Reach does it best with your accounts. It manages your accounts in a systematic order and since it is entirely cloud based therefore you have no worries about losing your accounts to system crash or whatsoever. It gives your accounts bank level security and is accessible from anywhere since it is all stored in the cloud.

  1. Inventory management

There are several times when it occurs that you are out of stock or your stock has not arrived yet. And either way you lose your customers so to avoid that your inventory must be kept under watch. In Reach you can enter the amount of products or items you have in total and the sold out amount or number of your items will automatically follow up with the items available. Thus you know when to get your items and you can stay stocked up before hand.

6. Bulk messaging

The bulk sms system of Reach saves money and time for you as you can send out sms to your employees and your customers at once. Update your employees about the work and to your customers about upcoming offers and ads etc. It makes it simple and a job of just few mins or secs.

  1. Lead management

The leads can be transferred from your google docs directly and you can also get all your updates from your leads in your software itself. As it allows you to sync all your email contacts in it so you don”™t have to access many accounts and save your time by doing everything from one software itself.

  1. Mobile app

As mentioned that Reach is accessible from anywhere, it doesn”™t always need a system to be accessed hence it is mobile friendly. Every department can have separate apps so they can access their departments only, skipping the other unnecessary parts. And you can stay updated anywhere about the work progress and every detail in real time. It becomes easy just as checking a notification of any other app in your cell phone. Making it very convenient to use anywhere and anytime.



Why Reach ?

Best accounting software for India

In India with the increase of number of companies and competitors the need to make their business grow faster have become a fight.

This war can only be won if there is some new way to manage your company and that is the reason many have turned to software. But not any software will be able to give your company what is needed for tough competitions need tougher solutions to help win the race.

Therefore you need to watch out for software that only claim to do the work but not in the best way. Hence you need only the best accounting software for India available.

Reach is one of those software that will not only prove to be the best accounting software but will also manage your entire company as the features mentioned above. Your entire company will be under watch and supervision for better accounting and better process of every business which will bring progress to your business. Read more


For any queries contact us by clicking on Dial and if you would like to try the entire software click on Demo for free trial for 15 days

I’m a tax expert with over 10 years of professional experience. I’ve gained practical insights on GST and other Taxes during my tenture as a Tax expert and GST Trainer in Reach Accountant.
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