Sales Order management Software


Sales Order management software to manage your Sales Orders which you recieve from emails, phone and your sales executives, to Monitor Status and Make sure it is delivered on time




  • Mobile app for Sales Executives
    • Your sales executives can raise sales order from their android mobile app or computer. This helps in the following ways:
      • The sales executive will know the stock status while taking the order
      • Once the order is taken, the sales executive will know the status of the order
      • The orders are automatically passed on to the logistics team, purchase team and production team and hence saves phone calls to pass on the orders.
  • Intimate available inventory at the time of taking order
    • The sales executive is able to understand the available inventory at the time of taking the order itself without having to call and check with the stores. This save cost and time and creates a scenario for the sales guys to be able to commit delivery dates to the customers.
  • Booking and Reserve Stocks
    • Your sales men can create booking orders and reserve stocks if they anticipate orders from a particular customer. This is very helpful when an upcoming increase in demand is anticipated during festivals.
  • Auto intimation of Sales Order Status
    • The status of sales order is intimated automatically to the sales order. The promised delivery date of the order is also displayed across the organisation so the production, logistics and purchase team can prioritise the order based on the delivery dates.
  • Auto sync to production planning
    • The production manager can automatically plan the required stock by pulling out the sales orders which does not have enough stock automatically
  • Auto intimation to Purchase
    • The purchase manager is automatically intimated of the items to purchase when a sales order doesn’t have enough stocks.


Top Reasons to buy Sales order management software

  • Auto intimation of Sales Order Status
  • Auto sync to production planning
  • Auto intimation to Purchase


  • Bronze ( one user, Rs. 1000/- pm )
  • Silver ( 3 users, Rs. 2000/- pm)
  • Gold ( unlimited users Rs. 3000/- pm)

Next Steps

1. Take a demo of all the above software

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2. Evaluate what suits you best
3. Take a Trial to see if it suits your working pattern
4. Buy the software


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