Still waiting for your Tax Refunds? 5 things you should do.

Most of you would be fustrated about the delay in your Tax Refunds; The good new for you is that The Refund Banker Scheme, 2007 has opened up a much needed facility to check the status of your Tax Refunds online. Find below 5 “must-dos” if you havent recieved your Tax Refunds.

1. Check Status of your Refunds Online.

The first thing you do is to check the status of your refund online, you can do this from>>

2. Speak to your Assessing Officer.

If your status displays ” Assessing officer has not sent the refunds to the refund banker” then you need to speak to your Assessing Officer. To find your Assessing Officer’s Contact Number, Click here >>  ( Use Internet Explorer ) Alternatively, If you have electronically filed your Tax Returns, you will have to call the Central Processing Cell in Bangalore at 080-43456700 (or) 0124-2438000

3. Write to your Assessing Officer.

Follow up your call to the Assessing Officer with a written communication requesting a faster processing of your refund. while doing so, remember to attach a copy of your ITR Acknowledgement and mention your contact number for the Officer to get in touch with you.

4. Speak to your CA

Visit you CA and seek his help in submitting this letter to the Officer, It would also be a good idea to ask your CA to help your track your refunds faster.

5. Consider a RTI Complaint

Finally, If your refunds are still invariably delayed, seek information with the help of RTI. For more information on RTI, Go to >>

Good Luck!

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