Which is the best online GST software for contractors and job worker in India?


 BRONZE SILVER GOLD SINGLE USER (Only one user can log in at any time) 5 USERS (Multiple logins at a time, Users with Function Wise Access Control) 25 Users (with Function Wise Access Control) 90,000 1,80,000 2,70,000

Being a contractor or a job worker the most reliable software that you can depend on will be an online GST software. But not just any software as you require several functions and departments to be managed hence an ERP is the smart choice.

ERP is a complete solution for any business. It is a single software that combines the workflows of sales team, billing, logistics, manufacturing, purchase, etc. This way your entire business is automated and hence you get an entire software that can manage your business from all the sides. This helps you to work faster and have everything under control.

An ERP software is always better if you choose a cloud based software. A cloud based ERP is an online software so it stores all your data in the cloud and you can access your business from anywhere. It means that your employees can access it at once and work in the same time.

Traditional software                                          VS                                               cloud ERP

Per user licensing                                                                                          Unlimited user licensing

Slow installation and development                                                           Fast set up and install

New features require installation                                                              Continuous addition of capabilities

Higher IT costs                                                                                                Lower IT costs

Not mobile friendly                                                                                        Mobile friendly


Your business requires cloud based ERP in case of the following reasons;

  • When you require more than just an accounting software and requires additional software like CRM, product management, inventory management, etc
  • When there are several other places rather than just your office like the warehouse, factory, your business branches, etc.
  • When you want to protect your data centrally and have a total control over it. Also when you want to protect your data from virus attacks, system crashes and unauthorized access.


One of the best cloud based online GST software provided by the Industry is Reach ERP.

Reach is a powerful software that easily customizes and manages every department of your business. It is rich in feature, is smart and also allows your business to grow in a shorter period with its approach to the business process and its profitable way of handling the business.

Reach for contractors is the ultimate software that will manage your project, costs, time, track the project status, update the engineers and help in building a perfect business all according to the plan.  It also manages billing, materials, timely collection and provides real time updates, etc.


Safety of data

You have no worries regarding your data”™s safety as Reach provides all the given facilities:

  • Level of accessibility can be set using the accessibility restriction menu.
  • Every time your employee accesses it from outside work Reach shots an OTP so you know are updated with it.
  • Your data is automatically emailed to you on daily basis in a form of excel file.
  • Reach Provides bank level protection with 256 bit encryption for your data.
  • You have auto data backup every 3 hours hence you do not have to worry about paying extra for backup.



  • You get server for free
  • No risk of hard disk crashes
  • Free backup
  • Free anti-virus
  • Free server maintenance
  • Faster response
  • 99.9% uptime
  • No unauthorized access
  • Provides bank level of security hence no worries about getting hacked



It is easy for your accountant and employees to use because:

  • Implementation period is shorter as it is user friendly and customizes with ease
  • Implementing ERP provides several benefits for your employees
  • It automates your business hence you can sit back and enjoy
  • It brings several changes for the better in your business as it manages it in a smarter way



  • Over 1000 clients
  • 27 different verticals
  • 3 countries





(Only one user can log in at any time)


(Multiple logins at a time, Users with Function Wise Access Control)

25 Users

(with Function Wise Access Control)

90,000 1,80,000 2,70,000


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