You will not need an Accountant Anymore. Period. The Bank Feed is here…

We are thrilled to announce that “Reach Accountant” is the First Indian Accounting Software to support automatic Bank Feeds.

What is Bank Feed?

Bank Feed is the ability to automatically import transaction data from all your Bank Accounts, real time.

What does it mean to You?

  • Your Accounting Software becomes fully automatic.
  • You can completely replace your accountant.
  • You will know the financial health of your company in real time.
  • You can save thousands of rupees on Accounting costs.
  • You will never have to stress yourself on a Tax Deadline.
  • You can spend even more time making money.
  • You can spend your weekends with your families.
  • Your Accounting will be done even before your auditor asks you.

How does it work?

  1. You log into your account and provide your Internet Banking Particulars
  2. Our Application will automatically sync with your Bank Account and import transactions.
  3. Our Application will categories your transactions into the relevant account heads automatically.
  4. We will assign a standby accountant to you who will follow-up with you for filing your tax returns.
  5. At the end of the year, We will co-ordinate with your auditor and pass on requested details.
  6. You can now get back your Weekends!

How safe is my data?

  • We provide the same security which your Bank Does ( 256 bit encryption)
  • Even if you loose data, You just loose a days work. (Secure Daily Offsite Back-up of all data)
  • No one can move your money ( Access is read-only)
  • You can control access to your account ( including our support access )

Which Banks are covered now?

1 HDFC Bank (India)
2 ICICI Bank (India)
3 Axis Bank (India) (formerly UTI Bank)
4 State Bank of India (India) Corporate
5 Kotak Mahindra Bank (India)
6 Bank of Baroda (India)
7 HSBC Bank (India)
8 YES BANK (India)
9 IDBI Bank (India)
10 IndusInd Bank (India)
11 Union Bank of India (India)
12 Dena Bank (India)
13 ICICI Bank (India) – Corporate Account
14 The South Indian Bank
15 Punjab National Bank (India)
16 Development Credit Bank (India)
17 The Jammu and Kashmir Bank (India)

Nothing comes close to trying for yourself. Check it out yourself by creating a trial at

Also let me know if your Bank is missing in the list, We are adding a whole lot of accounts every day and will prioritize your Bank accounts first.

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