Best accounting software for sales and service business

Best accounting software for sales and service business

Accounting software is a system built to manage all your accounts and manages your business by taking care of all the accounts of all your departments.

Reach accounting software is one of the best software that a business can have. It is an intelligent accounting software that is entirely cloud based that is user-friendly and has very less implementation period. It customises with any type of business hence is suitable for sales and service business. It is accessible from any location and can also easily be logged in from your cellular phone.

It allows you to keep an eye on your business even when you are not at the office. Hence, you can manage your business from anywhere without having to visit it daily or every branch in case you have multiple branches. Reach updates all the reports in real time, therefore, you can get all the updates as soon as it happens anywhere you are and can take decisions immediately.

Best accounting software for sales and service business


  1. Accounting management

It takes care of all the accounting functions in the entire business. Manage your accounting ledgers, bank and cash operations, purchase and sales estimates, warehouse allocations, expense recording, expense grouping, payrolls, receipts, daily sales records, etc.

All these data are stored in the cloud hence you have an easy backup in case of system crash or any other mishap.


  1. Tax management

Every tax management is done in Reach accounting software. It comes with no errors or delays but only complete tax management and automatic calculation. Reach is a tailor made software keeping in mind the government norms for calculating GST. It allows you to add any number of taxes your business. All you need to do is add the amount of tax in the software and change the amount of tax in case of any changes and rest will be done in the software. It completely automates your business and generates necessary extra functions so the process is not only complete but is also managed in a smart manner.


  1. Income management

Create quotations and convert them into sales order or invoice or pro forma invoice and create receipts from the invoices. There are over 20 invoice templates that you can choose from and customise it with your logo and tagline so you have a more professional approach. Your accountant will clearly be able to view which payments have been received and which are still due. You will never miss a due date for your payments with Reach as it allows you to set reminders for the payments.


  1. Expense management

Create purchase orders and then convert it to bills or payments. It also allows you to create debit notes for purchase returns. The accountants can clearly view the purchase bills that are paid and also the pending bills. Set reminders for the bills so you never miss out on any.

The expense management helps you spend wisely so you know where you are spending and can control your budget. You can also take better decisions using Reach as it is an intelligent software that can track your profit and guides you to take better decisions using your data collected and provided.

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