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”œMy friend referred me about Reach software, its customized and user friendly. More features are available such as viewing report online, Monitoring daily cash in my mobile and bank synchronization and all my accounts is been maintained in cloud”.

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As per the share market data analyzed in 2014 retailers are updating their technology roadmaps and looking forward to modest increases in IT budgets which keep focused on getting the cloud based Best Online ERP Software which supports their Business Growth while keeping a keen eye on operational cost management.

Multiple Channels

Retailers have to manage multiple godowns and many branches. ERP Software enables them to easily monitor the actions performed by various levels of employees regardless where he is. They can easily analyze the results by comparing the reports of various branches and the specialized activities of the top employees. Your inventory planning and accounting can be done in IT infrastructure basis which lifts your business to international standards.

Back Office Promotion

Retailers have to manage a huge amount of data creating a mesh between various godowns and different branches. ERP Software makes your data integration handy and there will be no mess and creating none knots. It automates your supply chain and sales operations which facilitates tracking the product details.

Inventory management

Unlike manufacturing industries Inventory must be visible in real time across all channels to both merchants and customers in retails business. In all other business purchase order will be raised only if it is running out of stock when the sales order is raised. But in retail business it is necessary to refill the stock when it is getting below the line and also it is much important to renew the items which are in the offer price for a specified period to achieve high sales during that period. You must use ERP software to manage your stock details which will take more manpower to supervise each godown and it is really tough to maintain all branch retail shop manually.

Trade Online

Make your trade online through secured PayPal gateway. Your interbank transactions can be carried out easily from anywhere simply by your smart phone. While Choosing ERP Software be sure it supports flexibility through Mobile app and supports all version of windows. Make your customer”™s bill payment through online and make them more convenient to shop in your stores.

Instant Accounting

The ERP Software helps you to calculate the discount, applicable tax, shipping charges, and other applicable bills while making the invoice. it reminds you of the due date and the bill payment date. You can easily find your pending customers and easily calculate the amount to be paid. It facilitates you to pay the tax at time and also the details can be secured. Partnership details can be divided equally as per the company policy and the software helps you manage with all kinds of company policies.

Data Privacy

Track your employee details and your customer details without the boring excel and spreadsheets. You can keep your data confidential using private user id along with password. You can access your data from anywhere and at any time no matter what device you are using. This allows data flexibility which is the highest requirement of this century

  1. Accounting
  2. Invoicing
  3. Point of Sale
  4. Operations and Process
  5. Lots and Barcode Management
  6. Loyalty Management
  7. Addons
  8. Tally Import
  9. Purchases
  10. Sales
  11. Access
  12. Multi Company
  13. Auditor View
  14. Bank Synchronization
  15. Multi Branch
  16. Invoicing,
  17. Expense Management,
  18. Inventory Management,
  19. Bulk Messaging,
  20. Purchase Management
  21. Loyalty Management and
  22. Mobile App

He said that POS Software is the basic software required for any retail business. Any retail stores where the customers come in more numbers require POS software. Examples of retail stores would be super market, jewel store, textile store, restaurant, mobile store, furniture store and so on. The basic purpose to have POS software is to do the billing.

We always Suggest Clients to Try out some ERP Software to compare the best fit for their business or you can check on ERP comparison tool or Listen to what Leading  Business Persons say about their ERP Software

Take a look at the service and the benefits available to help you reach out to the global marketplace.

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