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”œIt has definitely helped us get a form in business in terms of Managing all documents in one place”

Abhishek Jain/Director-Retail- surgical Avenue

ERP Systems in Surgical Business

If you are a Manufacturer or you can also be an Exporter of surgical business which includes the products like Hospital Furniture, Hospital Equipment, Medical Equipment, Surgical Instruments & Hospital Hollowware then ERP Software is there to manage your database.

A surgical Information system is more or less equal to handling a baby so that it is necessary to be upgraded in each and every minor detail of the equipment so that there won”™t be any trouble using for treatment. ERP system provides complete software solutions for a surgical information system which helps you manage your details.

Reach Accountant provides the best accounting software for surgical equipment manufacturers. But why accounting software or an ERP is required for a surgical industry? If you take Surgical Equipment Industry, India and China are the largest emerging market in the world.  With a growth rate of 15% every year, there is no doubt that the surgical device industry”™s contribution to the Indian economy will only improve in the coming days. When the Surgical Equipment industry is growing at a rapid pace it is only natural that surgical companies have to plan and utilize their resources in the best possible way.

Why and when should I go for accounting software/ERP?

An Online ERP Software can be a one stop solution to grow fast and stay ahead of your competition. With the introduction of an ERP in the surgical equipment manufacturing environment, it can help you to manage your production, product quality, delivery, sales orders, quotations, inventory, accounting, taxes and much more. As a result, you will be able to improve your team productivity and produce better results.

When your business is in the beginning stage with only a few employees you may not require a full-fledged ERP solution. But still, you will have to use the help of technology to manage few things like sales, billing, accounting and taxes. So probably at this stage, you can use these modules alone and later on you can upgrade the other modules which may be critical for other processes in the business. So it is very important for any business to start automating few processes in the business using ERP so that the team gets a feel of an automated solution which will make it easier for you to implement a full ERP solution on a later stage

Top Reasons to buy best accounting software for Surgical Equipment Manufacturers

  1. Manage Sales Team: Reach ERP comes with a mobile-friendly application where the sales team can store all their field calls on the mobile. Similarly, any new enquiry or lead can be passed to the Sales team from the head office. The sales team can also create quotations and sales orders using this application. With the help of this ERP, you can also forecast your sales.
  1. Manufacture against Orders: Reach ERP enables you to plan your production based on Sales order taken. The best part about this ERP is the moment a sales order is made the store’s team will get an alert about this new order. If the product is not available then the production team will begin the production process. Instant alert about sales orders saves lot of time and helps you to deliver surgical equipment on time
  1. Raise professional Invoices: Reach Accounting Software comes with professionally designed ready-made Invoice templates. As a result, you can send professional invoices to your clients. You will be able to select the template which best suits your business model. Reach Accounting Software also comes with the option of sending these invoices as pdf through emails as well.
  1. Manage Stocks: Stock Management of surgical equipment has never been so easy. The stores team will know what stocks are available and what is not available any time using our accounting software. It enables you to generate reports like product reports, compilation stock reports, aging stock reports and closing stock value.

  1. Accounting
  2. Invoicing
  3. Point of Sale
  4. Operations and Process
  5. Lots and Barcode Management
  6. Loyalty Management
  7. Addons
  8. Tally Import
  9. Purchases
  10. Sales
  11. Access
  12. Multi Company
  13. Auditor View
  14. Bank Synchronization
  15. Mobile Application
  16. Multi Branch

Like many other companies, I started my accounts with a simple excel spreadsheets. As I grew my business, I started spending more time with my accounts rather than my business. As I have no natural affinity to accounting,it was getting more complex. Then I came across Reach Accountant. Thankfully, installing and getting started with Reach Accountant proved straightforward.Things are fairly simple. It does all the difficult things behind the scenes.It”™s where I keep all my financial data now.I particularly like the Jewel tags. It is very useful.VAT at the end of every quarter was an absolute nightmare.With Reach Accountant, It took me seconds.That would have taken hours under the old system and you can trust it as well.It takes all the stress and worry away.

We always Suggest Clients to Try out some ERP Software to compare the best fit for their business or you can check on ERP comparison tool or Listen to what Leading  Business Persons say about their ERP Software

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