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We wanted to give you the latest updates happening in the business world through our monthly E-Magazine ”œBUSINESS TRENDS”


Whats Happ

Enter the brain tingling world of business and get a scoop of exciting Business news from all over the world.

Inspiring Business Stories

Learn about the struggle and journey of an entrepreneur. Success never knocks by itself unless you wake up and toil for your dreams. Find out how they have travelled so far and brought their ideas to life. Simply, Inspiring Stories which proves Failure is the Stepping Stone to Success. 



Get to know about the various trending Business Apps which are being  useful in business management and Easily available in the Play store for Free.

Biz Tweets

Business Puns and witty replies around the world


Happiness Quotient

You cannot create happiness as happiness comes from within. Find happiness in simple things and learn the trick to treat yourself with the dose of happiness. Secrets to the happiness advantage at work

Inspirational Leadership

We are all born leaders but it is our choice to be one. Read about ordinary people who made the extraordinary choices. As it goes ”œyou reap what you sow”, Leadership Lessons.


Go On ”“ Go Online

Take the next step and move your business online to catch up with the era of digitalization and technology. Get your business going on the wheels of online software. Know more about Why have Consumers moved Online?

Readers Point

Read about what you have always craved to know and expect the unexpected Business books to read.


Tips & Tricks

Simple step by step instruction. All you need to do is watch and learn.

New Bee

Interview of Young Entrepreneurs who are Searching for the Stairway to Startup Business. Being young and different by doing what they love. A youngster who does not play by other’s rules but creates his own. 


Guess Who & Win Contest

Get a chance to win prizes worth Rs.1 Lakh


Editorial Team

Guru Thilak

Editor in Chief

Guru Thilak  coming from the Marketing domain with more than 14 years of experience, leads the Business Operations and is responsible for building our brand for Success. He has worked for brands like CADD Centre, Odyssey and Green Trends. He has held executive level positions in Franchise development, Marketing, and implementing ERP solutions for various Business verticals. He leads the Product Marketing and ensures our continued commitment towards innovation.

Feature Editors

Mathu Meena
Mathu Meena

I’m Framed in the Language of Enterprise and Opportunism so that I can Accomplish anything and in turn, I will contribute to a nation of Self-starting Entrepreneurship

Fami Basumatary
Fami Basumatary

I come from media and communication background. I like to reach out to young entrepreneurs for their success stories as I believe that sharing your knowledge with others from what you have learnt is one of the greatest helps that you can do.

Vignesh Krishnamoorthy
Vignesh Krishnamoorthy

I will help you to unleash the power of your website and give you a new way to improve your business with Graphic Design

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