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Management Team


Robin Moses

Chief Executive

Robin is a Chartered Accountant bitten by the Entrepreneurship bug. Having spent a few years after college running a food and distribution business, He moved to the tax and accounting domain soon after he became a qualified accountant. He set-up Reach Tax to offer Retail Tax Preparation Services in 2005 and set-up Reach Accountant in 2007. Robin is the brains behind the software, and leads the Training, Customer Success and User creation initiatives.


Rajan Anandan

Investor and Director

Rajan is an active investor in technology companies and is also a Vice President with Google, Inc. In his current role Rajan is the Managing Director of Google India. As an investor Rajan has a passion for SAAS companies and is an early investor and board member of Reach Accountant. He works closely with the Reach Accountant team in many areas including product, sales, marketing and partnerships.


Guru Thilak

Chief Operating Officer

Guru Thilak  coming from the Marketing domain with more than 14 years of experience, leads the Business Operations and is responsible for building our brand for Success. He has worked for brands like CADD Centre, Odyssey and Green Trends. He has held executive level positions in Franchise development, Marketing, and implementing ERP solutions for various Business verticals. He leads the Product Marketing and ensures our continued commitment towards innovation.

About us

For the last 10 years, Reach has been involved in creating simple but powerful business applications on the cloud across the world Businesses. Backed by a strong management team and Sequoia Capital, we have been making slow but steady progress in our vision of empowering Indian businesses with world class business tools.


Our products are hosted on the Cloud and delivered to customers on a subscription model. Our Cloud platform saves cost and makes our products work like magic. It allows business applications ntegrate seamlessly. It can have all your employees working on business data at the same time and allows you to check how your business is doing at the comfort of your home, or on the go during a holiday!


We are funded and driven by Sequoia Capital, One of the world”™s largest VC Company. Having access to capital having given us the flexibility to invest in quality human capital and drive more value to our customers.


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