Best accounting software for event management companies that helps to manage all the events in order and makes it less hectic.

The best accounting software for event management companies stores all your information and data provided in the cloud. Helps maintain your accounts, billings and also makes events easier for you to handle with its features.



Events require major planning before hand and sleepless nights. Who wants to do that when someone else is willing to take all the burden, while you get to sit crossing your hands and wait for the final grand day for celebrating. But just because your company has decided to carry all their burdens does not mean it cannot be easier for you. And who will do that for your company? An ERP software, it is necessary since it will help to lessen your workload and help you to do better business. Not just any accounting software but best accounting software for event management companies. It must meet all your company”™s demands in order to be a useful software for your company.


Current Scenario

Event management is a fast blooming business in this century. People approach event management companies due to certain reasons, some of them are; tight work schedule, wanting extravagancy, prefers professional”™s hands on but mainly because events and functions are a hectic job. Be it a wedding, office parties, anniversaries, concerts, birthday parties etc. All these can be managed with an ERP software alone to give you a proper nonmessy outcome in events.



Now, it is fun for someone waiting for the outcome but if you are the one planning someone else”™s wedding or anniversary you have several things to keep in mind and work on them. The decorations, the catering etc and not only that, under all those departments there are also sub-departments. Naming all of them will only make it sound impossible to handle. The workflow seems to break with such pressure and with too many things to carry and worry. There are accounts to be handled, billings to be done, things to be purchased and go according to the client”™s demands and theme. Too many things create chaos and mistakes can happen in simplest calculations and planning.



What if you had a choice to keep someone who would help you observe all the work, manage your accounts, keep you informed about everything you need to know about your events and save you from all the headache and overlooked details that cause problems in the end?

It might not be someone you can hire but even better. Reach software that will put the complete end to all the problems that you face in managing your company because your hand cannot reach everywhere. It will not only help you with your event but also help your company function without errors and better results for your projects. With Reach accountant software you can track all the work progress and keep a close check and you won”™t have to run everywhere. Not only your will clients relax but even in the midst of all the planning you get space to breath and relax as well.

Best accounting software for event management companies

Best accounting software for event management companies

Top reasons to buy

  1.      See project wise profitability

Every project profitability is kept in an account but in order to have the better look at what was up to mark and what was not there is a better way. Reach Accounting software will guide you through your projects or events.There is a work progress meter on the dashboard that will give you an idea about your work and-and how much profit it is making.


  1.   Billing based on completed task

Your task can continue for quite awhile maybe for a week or more and you might need the payments in between to put the event together. Billing can be done either at the end of the completion of the entire event or small tasks wise. But it is simpler when the task is divided and the payment is provided as per completion of every task and as per required for every material and department. For example keeping in mind that it is an event management company; separately for setting up a stage, renting furniture, service tax etc. Only best accounting software for event management companies can take care of the billing in a manner that your company requires.


  1. Manage expenses for every project

The problem mainly occurs in managing the expenses of the events.But an ERP software will make it easy for you because all the transactions can be imported in the expense section. It will let you track all the expenses according to purchases which will match up automatically making the calculations simpler for you. Not just any ERP software but the one that suits for your management. Suggested best accounting software for event management companies can take care of the expenses, make you alert and keep you from going astray or miscalculations.


Features of Best accounting software for Event Management Companies

  1. Project management


The most important work of any project or event is to manage it. Manage itself makes it clear      that it means taking everything in hand and taking care of everything.The managing event needs work from A to Z in order and on time. There should be no mistakes but with too much to do it is impossible for anyone to not make any mistakes. All the worries can be left for Reach Accounting software to deal with. You can track all the work and expenses and each and everything happen in just a click away and you are updated in real time. Doesn’t matter whether you are present at the workplace or out of the station you can track the work and employees keeping you alert and hence the work goes on.


  1. Invoicing

Eager to know how much expenses have been happening and how to get the revenue orders and other bill related queries? All of these can be converted into invoices and Reach ERP being one of the best accounting software for event management companies will never let you miss out on any of it. You can set separate reminders for every bill so you never miss out on any. Customise the invoices with your company logo and tagline to give a professional approach with the help of Reach Accounting software and choose from 20 different type of invoices.


  1. Expense management

For smooth running of your events the expense management is a must, so that you can avoid all the shortcomings. Import all the expense data automatically from your maintained account, for example, google docs, your company website and hand out to the department responsible for managing it. Therefore, both your income department and you can keep track of the expenses and move accordingly as to what purchases to be made and where to make it from. You can easily check the current prices of the materials required for the event from Reach Accountant itself. One of the best accounting software for event management companies which helps you track your expenses and keeps your budget in mind for every project. With Reach Accountant prevent any kind of miscalculations or wrong expenditures.


  1. Accounting

Accounting is a part of every business and-and the list of your accounts is tough to measure, calling it huge is only an understatement. Especially for an event management company imagine maintaining your accounts on different material purchases or every different event. There are also various items under the purchase column, how to do that manually or only use the usual simple tally method . Manually you might get errors and tally might not work as per your preference on how it should be done. Turn to Reach Accountant for such matters it is considered as best accounting software for event management companies because you can simply import your accounts directly from excel sheets. Your accounts will be maintained by Reach from preparation of VAT, service tax, to all the required action to maintain the accounts of your company. And even easier, you don”™t have to log into your system to check it every time you want to. Reach stores all the information in the cloud thus access your accounts from anywhere and everywhere.


  1. Inventory management

There are numerous product purchase and items per event and per tasks in each event, it is important to finish them within deadlines with no hindrance. Reach helps you make it simpler as it is one of the best accounting software for event management companies. It tracks all the purchase and the orders. With Reach, there is no chance of running out of stock for your events. You can enter a number of products and keep an alert for warning or a reminder that keeps you informed about the product usage. The number of products used will match up the number of products remaining,hence making it simpler to get the items before you run out of them.


  1. Bulk Messaging

Reach has an option that helps you sync all your email accounts with it. Reach makes it very easy for managing all the leads and news from one software without having to log in to your email separately. Also, send bulk SMS of your promotional ads, offers etc without time-consuming expensive ways.


  1. Lead Management

Make it simple with Reach. Import your leads”™ web forms and put the estimated deadlines for the event”™s planning and decoration etc. Reach will update it automatically in the software for your employees to see and they will be made aware of the deadlines. As the work is done let your clients know through SMS about it as well with no delay and miscommunications.


  1. Mobile App

Nothing gets simpler than this, Reach also comes as a mobile friendly software just like any other app on your phone. Stay updated with all the work going on under your nose when you aren”™t around. Your company might be managing too many events at a time it is impossible for you to be omnipresent. But with Reach accountant as we strive to be the best accounting software for event management companies track all your events and work progress, purchases, etc from any location. All the details will be updated to you in real time, no delays and nothing happens without your knowledge.

Best accounting software for event management companies

Best accounting software for event management companies



Why Reach?

Every company needs a software that helps in the efficiency of the business. It must be based on the criteria given by the company, and needs several features meets all the demands of a  company.

However, Reach gets customized with the business and company that uses it, therefore, it gives you an easy way to use it for your company and you don”™t have to adjust with it.

As every detail you provide in Reach Accountant gets stored in the cloud, therefore, you have access to it from anywhere and remain updated about everything in real time. Your employees can be tracked as well, all the work progress, work progress meter to check the profitability. As everything mentioned earlier.

Reach makes your work as easy as checking notifications from any app on your phone. It also assures safety for your accounts. Suggested as one of the best accounting software for event management companies, it gives limited access as to who can access to what in the software. Separate apps for individuals from different departments thus making sure they access to their parts only in the software.

It makes every task simple for you and your company. Your company can work better and you can satisfy your clients better.

Helps with your business and helps you deal with your clients better. Reach is like a helping hand that you long to have to cut down your workload.


To know more click on Reach and read more about us. If you would like to try out Reach Account software you can also try it for free for 15 days thus, you can choose accordingly  click here for free trial >> Demo


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