Best accounting software for services

Best accounting software for services is a software that gives your business a strong management and makes it a simpler job.

The best accounting software for services is a cloud based software that makes your accounts accessible from anywhere and stores your accounts in a systematic order. It makes sure that you can pull your strings from anywhere so you have total control over your business.

Best accounting software for services



Service business sell their services to the clients and the customers and this business varies in its services. The categories and the types of services of similar ones varies from one another. In order to run a business that sells services it needs a special software that can take care of the type of business a company runs. It could be any kind of service and the software installed for the type of business will manage your accounts and the necessary requirements of the services your company deals with.

Current scenario  

The current trend in software for service business are the software that takes care of the accounts of the business and makes it a simpler job. But mainly what the service business are looking for are the type of software that will also help in making more business happen. Because what use is anything if it does not prosper the business.


A business comes across many hurdles like the endless accounts that are to be maintained, trying to have the whole place under control. There might be many more functions that can be done but you run out of solutions and you have to take the hard way to learn and earn. Service business sells services and hence it gets a little bit tricky while running a business as such.


An accounting software can bring your company a solution as the modern technology is almost capable of everything and your issues have been attended as well. With the introduction of these software that solves your service business problems and manages your accounts and also bring progress for you company. But will a software that claims itself as a service software let you have all that you are looking for. While getting a software for your company you need to look for the best accounting software for services. Reach Accountant is an accounting software that makes sure all your works are done and you can reach everywhere in your business with Reach being in your management. (click on solution for a the demo for 15 days free trial)


Top reasons to buy

1. See project wise profitability

Check the profitability of each type of service or each project with this software. The work progress of your project and the profit from every project or the service can be checked in the dashboard. Hence you remain aware of where you must invest or what projects to take up and how each project is coming out.

  1. Billing done on completed task

Every time a service is given you can get your bills in parts. For example when you are servicing a car, it might be one whole big project but it can be brought down into smaller segments. So getting paid for every task on their end dates makes it easier for you to handle your budgets. Reach allows you to break the project into tasks and put start dates and end dates for each task so you don”™t have to wait for the entire work to finish to get your bills paid.

3. Managing expenses for every project

The expenses of every project can be kept under proper watch and with no calculation mistakes. Reach allows you to keep the account of the expenses happening on a project and it automatically fits with your budget so you know how much expense is happening. You will be updated in real time about every expenditure as to when it was made, where and why and how much, so you have nothing to investigate later in case you think you had miscalculated.


Features of the best accounting software for services

1. Project management

While managing a project there are various things that are to be kept in account of; expenditure, work, profit and planning on how to start, how it is to be done etc. With Reach you have the whole project under control and you get all the updates so it becomes simple for you to watch over it from all the sides.

  1. Invoicing

Make a professional approach towards your customers using invoices for the bills. Convert your bills directly to invoices in Reach and customize it with your logo and your tagline.

  1. Expense management

Managing expenses just got simpler with Reach managing your accounts. All your expenditures can be tracked using Reach Accountant software and you know where you have been spending and how much are your expenses. You can also track the location of the expenditure, the purpose and time, all the updates come to you in real time so you hold the key to everything happening in your company.

  1. Accounting

Reach accounting software keeps your business”™s accounts in a tidy order and it stores it in the cloud. Hence it is accessible from anywhere but with limited access and it gives your accounts a high level security i.e a bank like security. There are no chances of losing accounts because of any mishaps like system crash etc as you can restore it from the cloud.

  1. Inventory management

The general problem with every business can be out of stock. Parts for the repairing, items for building things etc can be managed properly without you running out of stock with no knowledge. Reach allows you to enter your number of items and when the items leave your store house you get updates each time so you know when you are about to run out of stock.

  1. Bulk messaging

Save your money and time using bulk sms system of Reach and send out your updates to your clients and customers about their services and tasks when it is completed. Or any offers, prizes and ads send it out in bulk and have it a simple way. You can also update your employees about work and new schedules etc.

  1. Lead management

Manage your leads from one account and one software. You can transfer your leads from google doc and Reach allows you to sync your email contact in it so all the updates, queries etc comes in one account. So you can save time by not having to go to too many accounts to contact your leads.

  1. Mobile app

Reach accounting software can also be used as an app since Reach is a mobile friendly software. It allows you to track all your work and business, anywhere you go. Track your employees and all the work progress and each department can have their own app so they can track their department work as well. Read more


Why Reach?

Reach is an accounting software that understands your business, it customize with your business so you don”™t have to adjust with the software. It makes your accounts accessible from anywhere but making it limited as well and giving it bank level security.

Reach comes as an entire package which lets you have your control all over your business which in turn makes your business grow.


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