Best ERP software for small business

Best ERP software for small business

How do you find the best software for small business? Running a small business may seem less hectic but the need to expand is high even if you have less to manage and to find ways to make profit is the main motive so your business can grow.

An ERP software built for small business can help you in improving your business and managing it in a way that you will be able to expand faster.

What kind of ERP is the best ERP software for small business?

  1. One stop solution

An ERP that is merely a package is not the right ERP for you as an ERP should be a complete solution so you can enjoy a complete management and not just a collection of features. It should be able to take acre of your business from the beginning till the end. Taking acre of every department and giving reports of everything happening in your business.


  1. Integrate

Can your ERP software integrate with other software? An ERP that can only work within itself is not going to help in workflow. You can have existing software that you need to integrate with your ERP and an ERP software must be welcoming towards other sofwtare for a smooth functioning so you can have faster workflow.


  1. Cost effective

For a small business having a cost effective software is extremely necessary as a small business needs to spend on other things to run a business. An ERP that will help you save and deduct unnecessary costs in the right ERP so you can save more for the expansion of your business. This way you can reduce the number of employees and certain extra resources so you can work with the sofwtare and manage more than half of your business.


  1. Customize

Without customized software you cannot work with a software smoothly as there will always be its own hindrance coming up when you try to take care of certain business process. So finding the right software for your business that will customize easily so you can improve your business process and have a faster workflow. A customizable software understand your business and works accordingly thus it is important to find a customizable software.


  1. Accessibility

As a complete business software it should be accessible from any location and any device. You can watch over your business from anywhere and manage it if it is accessible from anywhere. This way you will have everything under control even if you are away on a vacation or just staying home.


  1. Safety

The business data safety is a must so your ERP software must have a complete security so you can keep your delicate information in it without any worries. Find the ERP software that will keep all your account information and data private and has easy backup in case of any accidents.


Reach ERP software for small business

Reach ERP is a complete solution of your business. It is built mainly for SMEs and is entire cloud based that can take care of your business easily. It automates your business and tracks every function and departments and is also a smart software that helps you take better and faster decisions.


  • Dashboard
  • CRM
  • POS
  • Accounting
  • Inventory management
  • Purchase
  • Sales
  • Bank synchronization
  • Multi company
  • Multi branches
  • Multi lingual
  • Bulk sms and email
  • API
  • Real time updates
  • Addons
  • Mobile app
  • Project management, etc

Why is Reach ERP the best ERP software?

  1. Complete solution

Reach is an actual ERP software that has all the features required and it integrates with other sofwtare easily. Reach contains all the tools required for managing a business and does not lack in any way. It is not a rigid package but an actual business management ERP software that can manage every department and all the business process.


  1. Customize

There is no problem in customizing Reach ERP as it can easily blend with your business process. It allows free customization unless it is a feature that only your business will be requiring. Reach customizes easily and helps you work with it in the friendliest manner.


  1. Safety

With Reach there is complete safety s it comes with 256 bit encryption bank level security. Reach provides accessibility restriction menu for you to restrict areas in the software so you can enjoy complete privacy. It also shoots an OTP everytime your employee logsin from outside office. Reach comes with a free anti-virus so you can save all your data from any virus attack. It also provides easiest backup as it automatically backs up your data every 3 hours.


  1. Accessibility

Access your business from anywhere and any device. As Reach is cloud based it can be accessed from anywhere so you can enjoy your vacation without worrying about your business and stay updated about all the business matter and as it provides real time updates hence, you will be able to access to information as soon as it happens.


  1. Better decision making

With the intelligence and real updates of Reach you will be able to take care of your business better by taking better decisions. Reach provides you all the information and suggestions to make more accurate decisions for the betterment for your business. This way your business can progress faster and have more profit.


  1. Flexible

Reach ERP for small business is a flexible software so you can use it even when your business expands. Unlike other sofwtare that can accommodate only a certain size of business. But as it is built for SME”™s it will allow you to expand easily and also Reach provides unlimited users as per your choice thus, it will allow you to manage your business when it expands.


  1. Cost effective

Being a small business ERP Reach allows you to cut down a lot of cost like unnecessary expenses. You can also reduce your employee number as it takes care of all the departments. You can also cut down paper as you can have it all updated in the software and with its bulk sms and email you can have all your employee and clients updated about necessary information.


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