Best inventory management software for wholesale and distribution with GST

Best inventory management software for wholesale and distribution with GST

Best inventory management software for wholesale and distribution with GST that watches over your inventory

Introduction to inventory management software

An inventory management software is a software that keeps an account of everything in a business. Inventory management software is necessary for smooth business dealing and handling every account in every department so you have a record of everything in your business which also improves your company. But while getting an inventory management software for your business you need to make sure that it helps your business in a maximum way.

In case of wholesale and distribution to keep an account of the inventory is one of the most important part of the business. Therefore you have to make sure it is not just any inventory management software that you go ahead with, it must have the features that makes your business easier by taking care of your staging area.

Problem with inventory management

We all know that this happens too often when we walk into a store and we don’t find the product that we are looking for. Out of stock issue needs an addressing as soon as possible but we always seems to have this issue everywhere we walk into once in a month at least and the stock production or arrival delays. It might not be a loss for the customers because they can always find the items in other stores or from some other merchant. But this leaves a bad impression on your customers especially if it happens a little often and you will definitely invite loss if this is the case.

Solution for your inventory problem

For managing wholesale and distribution we come across many software that helps keeping accounts of the business and takes care of the business. But for your inventory you need an accounting software that has an inventory management feature that can take care of your inventory in all the ways that includes : Preventing shortage of products and production, tracking inventory levels in real time and optimizing warehouse organization.

Reach accountant is one of the best inventory management software for wholesale and distribution. It manages your inventory all three ways and keeps you from any kind of unpleasant news about your inventory. Reach is a whole package as an accounting software it keeps in account of all your departments and updates you with all the accounts in real time.

Reach allows you to enter the amount of items available in your store separately so you have a clear idea about each item in your inventory and which row it is in so it is arranged in an orderly fashion for you to not have to turn your inventory into a girl’s wardrobe looking for that one particular dress. Reach’s inventory management software makes sure that you stay updated about how many items and which items are leaving you inventory in real time, the items available and items sold out automatically follows up so you know before hand when to start the production of the item.

Why Reach is considered the best inventory management software?

Reach Accountant is an accounting software that is a cloud based software, that also has the feature to manage your inventory with ease

Reach keeps in account of all the details in every department, so there are no chances of any detail slipping away from you.

Reach is also a mobile friendly software therefore you can download it in your cell phone and access it from anywhere as Reach is accessible from anywhere and not just your office system. So even if you happen to be on a holiday you get all your updates in real time and you have every movement in the inventory in your hands.

This software also makes you aware about your profit meter so you know which item is bringing in profit and which met or crossed your profit margin, hence managing your profit calculations as well. 

Therefore Reach is suggested as one of the best inventory management software for wholesale and distribution. Read more 

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