The Billionaire Guide On Workshop Software That Helps You Get Rich

moiboo workshop software

Workshop business is the most profitable business and is considered to be a good money-making venture. Workshop software is an online management tool that helps to control the workshop.

Need for Workshop Software

The reasons why a workshop owner would like to own a workshop software are

Save time by being more efficient.

Every workshop owner would like to save time as there is no denial that time is very precious and in this business, it is required that the activities are done on time. In the case of a workshop most of the time is generally spent on activities like accessing different job and customer details, tracking materials, sourcing inventory parts, invoicing etc. Many of the workshops have different systems to manage the different activities which makes it difficult and also manual labour is involved to handle these systems. In the case of Moiboo workshop software, all the activities are handled by one software. This helps in reducing the time involved in doing the tasks and thereby increasing efficiency.

Increased cash flow and profits

Every business wants to make profits. If the software has the capability to ensure that you have the right quantity of stock and quickly order any special parts that your customer needs then the business is successful. If the customer is satisfied he would become a regular customer and also refer new customers to the workshop which in turn will help in increasing the cash flow and profits of the business.

A better-organised business

You will be able to identify which of your customers generate the most profit and ensure that service reminders are automatically generated. Through accurate stock control, you won’t ever need to turn customers away for lack of spares, and you won’t need to close the shop to stocktake either. Workshop software helps in organising the activities of the workshop and makes it an organised business.

Improved customer service

it is a great deal more expensive to attract a new customer than it is to retain their existing clientele. With that in mind, it makes sense to provide the best service possible to your existing client base. That’s where a workshop software comes in. By finding the parts, creating the invoices, and generating repeat business through timely reminders, it will continually improve your customers’ experience.

Better business

Since all the process and activities are streamlined the owner is able to focus more on customer service rather than on time-consuming tasks. The business is more organised and satisfies the customer which in turn boosts the business and increases the profits.

Why choose Moiboo Software for Workshops?

Moiboo workshop software is an online workshop management software that helps to manage all the activities of the workshop business. Moiboo is a cloud-based software that can manage the appointments of the workshop. The workshop owner can track the appointments from the website and delegate work to the mechanics based on the appointments. The CRM feature of the software helps to maintain the customer database. Any information pertaining to the customer can be retrieved anytime. The document management feature helps to maintain all the documents pertaining to the vehicle and the customer at the same place. It ensures that no document is missed and the customer is reminded by an SMS on the due dates for insurance and maintenance. The document saving is done on the cloud so there is no issue on the space and also paper usage is reduced. The mechanics can be easily managed with the software. The job card feature serves as a checklist for the tasks done by the mechanics. Their commission calculations at the end of the month become easy with the software. Most of the workshops have a spare part shop associated with it so that the customer or the mechanic need not run around to get the spare parts. Inventory management feature of the software helps to manage the stock. This avoids wastage of inventory. The accounting feature of the software helps to analyse the true financial position of the workshop. The cash position can be found out which helps the workshop owner plan his further expenses. The mobile App feature of the software helps the owner to access his business from anywhere. The mechanics can know what vehicles are assigned to them. The owner, mechanics and all the staff can access the software at the same time.

The features of Moiboo Workshop software

1.Job cards


3.Customer approval

4.Mechanic Management

5.Consumable Management

6.Purchase management

7.Vehicle status alert

8.Document management

9.Mobile App



Moiboo software is a one-stop solution for all your workshop needs. The software is customised for the workshops. It is a complete ERP software where all the tasks are combined. It will help the owner Increase his business and also stand ahead in the competition.

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