Facebook and What’s app like feature in Reach CRM

Business has gone social with the introduction of Chat feature in Reach CRM App. This feature has been part of Reach CRM for more than 6 months now. More and more business apps may include this type of feature in their app as well. Recently Flipkart has come out with their chatting facility called Ping. Let us see what Reach CRM app can offer to the business. Reach CRM comes with lead and appointment management system. With the help of Reach CRM App company”™s sales team can be managed with ease. Any lead generated at corporate office through various channel can be immediately assigned to the respective sales person. In real time the sales person will get an update in his calendar about the new lead and its details. Similarly the sales person can also generate or add his own lead using Reach CRM app. After meeting the customer the sales person can update the status of the meeting in the app. Quote can also be generated using Reach CRM app by the sales person. Apart from this Reach CRM app comes with the ”œShout” feature.


Share text messages and pictures with ease

”œShout” is a chat like feature which helps the companies to create a happy feel among the employees. With the help of Shout feature employees can share information within the company through mobile. They can also share ideas and get opinions from others. This will make the employees connected with all employees. This feature will be a boon especially for people who stay in different parts of the world. They will all stay connected easily.

Generally what companies do is create what”™s app group and share information. With Reach CRM you may not require what”™s app group. You can share pictures and text messages within your group. This also comes with an option to like and comment a particular update. This feature can be utilized for announcing something in short notice. It can also be used for sharing not so official things as well. This can improve employees bonding and will make people to stay loyal to the company.

How it Works

When you buy Reach CRM Software you have an option to create users as many as you want. Reach CRM software comes with unlimited number of users. Once the user is created, the user has to download Reach CRM app from ”œGoogle Play”. Once the ”œReach CRM” icon is displayed in your phone you can log into the application using the username and password given to you. Whatever lead assigned to the user will be in the calendar. The user has to click a particular date to know the leads that he should call or meet on that day. This will help the user to plan his day accordingly. Not just that he can also update the status of the leads using the application.

On the other hand if the user happens to meet a new lead or a customer, that meeting can also be updated in the app. If the user finds anything interesting relating to their business, he can click a picture and share it using the shout feature. Overall Reach CRM will be really interesting and useful for people on the go. To know more about Reach CRM read here.

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