Why do you have to go to work when you can work from home

Why do you have to go to work when you can work from home?

Why do you have to go to work when you can work from home

Are you a student who wants to make extra pocket money? Are you are stay-at-home parent who does not want to sit idle? Gone are those days when you would sit home and would be called idle and had no option to earn while sitting indoors because you have family chores to do or you were not done with your studies and could not find time to go out and work.

If you are looking for ideas on how to sit at home and yet make some money without having to step out even a single day.

Here are some of the ideas that will make you question why do you have to go to work when you can work from home

  1. Freelance writing

It could be anything for example; content writing, stories, marketing, website, blog, etc. You do not have to get out and sit in the company to get your job done. You can make an account in the concerned business and all you will need is net connection so you can email them your content or upload it, as required.


  1. Gardening

Yes it can be turned into a business as you can start planting medicinal herbs, culinary herbs, flowers that are good in demand in the market and even vegetables. Many retailers and florist business will be interested to do business with you. You can do direct selling as well which is also convenient. All you will need is some knowledge about the soil and cultivation.


  1. Graphic designing

This does not require for you to go out to an office either. Sit in your room, get in your zone and start working on what you are asked to that”™s all that you will need to do. Moreover it helps you to concentrate better because you have no one disturbing you. Advertise about your business, take contracts or interview online, display your skills from home itself and help people who require you to design for them.


  1. Tutoring for anything you are capable of

This is basically one of the most common jobs that stay-at-home parents do. It could be anything that you are good at like school subjects, music, cooking, tailoring classes, etc. Schedule proper timing for people to be free and come take classes in a group so it is convenient for you too as well.


  1. Tailoring

Many people require alterations, stitching, etc. You can start tailoring at your home and make easy money. You will need to invest on a good stitching machine and frequently on threads and some stitching materials which comes in an affordable price hence you can make a good sum of money from tailoring.


  1. Soap making

Soap making is cheap and easy and you can make them as decorative and festive as possible using your freedom to attract buyers. You can make a huge profit with soap making as the materials you require comes in a very less cost while you can sell it for much higher price. And same goes for candle making as well.


  1. Gift basket making

Events like birthday parties, weddings, bridal shower, baby shower, etc calls for fancy gift wrapping. With the increase in demand of better looking gift wrappers the gift baskets and boxes are becoming very popular as it does not only matter what’s inside while gifting someone because it should look presentable as well. Use whatever material you want and be creative and you will have customers running into your store.


  1. Massage spa or a parlour

This is also a business you can sit at home and have your customers over at your place. All you will need to invest on is a room, the equipments, the necessary cosmetics, oils and toiletries required. Massage parlours and spas are in demand and are expensive when you are to visit some high branded parlours or spa chains but making it a reasonable price since you are doing it in your home itself can attract more crowd.



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