Step-by-Step procedure to migrate from Tally 9 to Cloud GST accounting software

Any business requires accounting software to manage the income and expenses. In India most of the small and medium businesses use Tally accounting software for their day to day operations. Since online accounting software has lot of advantages, people have started to migrate from Tally erp 9 to cloud GST accounting software. The actual problem does not get over by just purchasing the software. The actual challenge starts in implementing it throughout your business system. So it is important as a business owner to prepare few things before implementing the online accounting software.

Educating the employees:

Before implementing the online accounting software into the business, as an owner you need to educate your down line employees on the new process change. Everyone knows change is the only constant in this world. At the same time, human beings are resistant to change. This is one of the biggest challenges which you will come across. So you will have to prepare your employees well in advance about the new process and how it is going to help the business. Most of the business failed to do this step and the implementation becomes a failure.

Process change:

Next thing you should know is on the various processes that need to be modified to accommodate the new accounting software in the business system. If a process has to be changed then you should check with the changes that are going to occur for each employee. It is always important to communicate it to the respective employees who will be facing the change in process. So you need to do the necessary changes required before implementing the online accounting software.

Infrastructure Changes:

Online accounting software requires few infrastructure changes in your business. If your business does not have an internet connection then you will have arrange for the same. In order to run the software, you need to get a high speed internet connection. If any additional system needs to be given for employees then you need to arrange for it before implementing the software. Since online accounting software is a subscription based product usually valid for one year. So you should not waste time after activating the software. This makes it crucial for you to make necessary infrastructure arrangements before implementation.

Employee Training:

The most important part is proper training to respective employees on using the online accounting software. You should either request the online accounting software company to train your employees or make your employees to learn the online accounting software through tutorials. More they are trained; more the online accounting software will be successful. If they are not trained properly, then you may get a big NO from them for the online accounting software. Ultimately, your money, time and effort will go waste.


I am a Chartered Accountant with 5 years of experience in both Consulting (KPMG) and Industry (Tapzo).

I am currently assisting various Organizations in understanding the impact of GST on their businesses to help them with a smooth transition.

Key areas of experience include:
– Developing SOPs and Process Implementation
– Identifying and Implementing Internal Controls as required by the ICFR Framework
– Training and Development of staff in various Finance/ Audit functions
– Statutory Audits

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