Mistakes to avoid in a sales business

Mistakes to avoid in a sales business:

Mistakes to avoid in a sales business

Sales business requires a lot of smart moves and intelligent strategies that will actually work and make the business happen. There are many styles used to approach a client and many rules to follow while delivering the product”™s use, capacity, quality, etc; be in words, written form or advertisement of any form.

Selling a product can be quite tricky if you are not aware what are mistakes and what can drive your clients and customers away.

To walk you through certain wrong moves here are the mistakes to avoid in a sales business:


  1. Making no connection

While talking to anyone is it not always better when both of you can relate to things and there is a connection between you both. Sales is no different when it comes to talking and trying to sale a product, the way you portray your product matters the most as it should be able to walk into the customer”™s life smoothly and not by force. This is not possible if you make a random approach, try and understand why you are trying to sell it to this particular customer and be ready with what you have to say. But also remember not to just throw it on their face like reciting a poem. Take time and be quick to deliver the right points but by trying to make a connection with the customer standing in front of you without talking like a programmed robot.


  1. Not asking questions

Be comfortable they are your customers and you are doing your job. There is nothing to hesitate while asking them questions. This is one way to close the deal for sure. There is no way you will get your answers served without you questioning them. It makes thing clear for you instead of having to wait with uncertainty and let”™s you know what you are doing and if you are doing it right.


  1. Talking too quick about the price

Going too quick to the price can lead to customers turning down your product or hesitating to buy it hence you will have to work more in order to sell it. First you will need to figure out how to create a demand and then find out if your product satisfies the client”™s needs. Not knowing this if you jump straight to the price it makes it look like just for the sake of selling which is the point yet you need to project a better image that makes your product friendly and the customer feels the need to spend on it.


  1. Being programmed

As told earlier that trying to sell a product like you have by hearted some lines are going to give out a less smart and less inviting vibe and there will be a distance between you and your customer”™s conversation. This will hinder the message that you are trying to deliver as there is no life in such speech.

It will take time to learn the art of talking while selling, as in the beginning everyone finds it awkward going up to a stranger trying to sell something, asking to buy their time and talking about your product hoping they will close the deal. But as practice makes man perfect, in time you will get better.


  1. Not having an accounting software

An accounting software manages all your accounts and saves you from spending time trying to calculate and keep records of all the sales etc; in a book. The manual way is a long and messy path. You can never tell when you will need to go through all your records and at times you not have time to maintain it in a proper manner which will make you lose your track.

With an accounting software you can manage your business with ease without a fail. It takes care of tax, pay rolls, capturing leads, helping in better sales, tracking your profit, allowing you to make appointments with your clients faster. It is a complete solution for managing your business accounts and making your work a tons simpler.


Reach Accounting software

Reach Accounting software is an entirely cloud based software. It is user friendly and is accessible from anywhere and also provides bank level security.

It automates your business and the dashboard allows you to track the work status, profitability, expenses, best sales executive, highest selling product, highest value customer in a graphical manner.

It also manages your clients and customers history with its CRM module and integrates with other software easily.


  • Dashboard
  • CRM
  • Accounting
  • Billing
  • Repair
  • Purchase and expenses
  • Mobile app
  • Bulk sms and email
  • API

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