Reach used car dealer software


Reach used car dealer software

Reach used car dealer software is a cloud based software for managing used car dealer”™s  business. It is a software that a business owner will be able to work with ease and will be able to access it from anywhere.

Reach used car dealer softwareReach used car dealer software is user friendly, it is flexible and customizes with your business. It is one of the best used car dealer software available in the market. Reach makes sure that it takes care of everything you need as it has all the features that will never come short of handling your business and every department that a used car dealer business has.


Point of sale

It helps in billing faster and and can be used even when there is no et connection. It provides both touch and keyboard facilities.

Lots and barcode management

Create lots and batches easily. And auto generate barcodes, you can read them using barcode scanner making everything easier.


All the accounting related functions and all your accounts can be managed by one software. Income, expenses, accounting, ledgers, tax heading creations, tax heading creations and operations, bank and cash creations and operations, bank and cash creation and operations, asset liability creation and operation, etc.


Create customized invoices with your logo and tag line. There are over 20 templates from which you can choose and customize your invoices to improve your brand image. Generate invoices and convert them into quotes. The invoices can also be raised in foreign to INR as Reach is multilingual and much more.

Operations and process

This feature takes care of  all the operations and processes involved in your business product and service grouping, customized invoice with logo, small, medium or large scale operations, retail or wholesale enabled, product service and maintenance, godown and showroom wise operations.

Loyalty management

It tracks your customers purchase history and helps you recognize them individually. Allow your customers to collect points with each purchase and let them redeem it with any next purchase they want to.


Find all the requirements like e stores, google docs, google calendar, project management tools, sms gateways, payment gateways, etc.

Tally import

Import excel files from tally to the software with ease. The entire history of accounts can be transferred from tally to Reach and store in the cloud so you have no risk of losing it to system crash or other mishaps.


Manage your purchase orders, estimates, purchase return, purchase bills and management of outstanding amount of vendor.


Manage quotes, multi product operation, sales invoice, sales return, recurring invoices on first attempt and customer balance.


Access Reach from anywhere be it from home or from a holiday. This way you can keep an eye on your business round the clock as it gives updates in real time. Reach has auto backup, accounting period auto change, user friendly and auto conversion to accounting formats.

Multi company

Create multiple companies and give an option to manage them individually from your smartphone in the easiest way possible.

Auditor View

This feature allows full financial report available along with read process by auditor, tax reports, VAT reports with e-filing options, PF and ESI reports, TAX consulting modules, etc.

Mobile application

As you can access Reach from anywhere therefore it is also accessible from your smartphone, iPads, tablets, etc. So you can work from any gadget without carrying around a bulky laptop with you.

Bank synchronization

Sync the bank statements by uploading the excel files of Bank statements into the software. This way you have a shortcut and you can get your updates in the software so you can check the expenses and transactions of your business from the software itself and save time.

Multi branch

Create multiple branch and appoint the managers in each branch to manage all of your business separately.


For queries and more information click here. For 15 days free trial of Reach used car dealer software click on >> Demo

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