Tally ERP Prices go up again! Time to Upgrade!

Tally erp price

Tally erp price increases again. Its time to upgrade to the Cloud! In this post we explain how much money you can save by moving to a cloud erp!

With Tally erp 9  making 95% of the businesses spend 95% of their time doing accounts in Tally; There is very little time left for Small Businesses to make money. Honestly, Nobody wants to do accounting, because it doesn’t make money. Get a Free Trial with us to see How easy accounting could be. We perfectly fit into your workflow and have an expert accountant helping you finish your accounts and file tax returns. Our vision is to make you spend as little time as you can in our software and get back to doing something more important. Making Money!

Why you should upgrade from Tally erp?

    • Tally erp 9 Has every feature in the book; Thats why its so confusing
    • Tally erp Has 100’s of Tech Engineers; but no support accountants
    • Tally erp Gives you a nice interface for data entry; but who wants to enter data?
    • Tally erp Keeps your data Secure; but never safe, Data gets corrupt and lost.
    • Tally erp Has 95% of business spending 95% of time doing accounts, so no time to do business?

Upgrade to Reach from Tally erp

Reach accounting software is one of the best online accounting software that blends in with any sort of business and keeps an account every tiny detail and stores it in the cloud for you to access it from anywhere and any device.

It keeps an account of every report, sales, expense, purchase, and has a data backup as it stores all your data in the cloud, therefore you do not have to have it in separate files using a hardcopy. It automates your business and increases your flow thus you have less workload plus faster business process improving your business all in all. Reach is a customizable software ha allows its users to understand it faster s the implementation period is shorter.

It has bulk sms and email system so you do not require to use pamplet,etc, to give away offers and news to your customers and employees. It tracks all your customers, employee, inventory and profit so you know how everything is going on in your office even when you are away. Reach gives real time updates and daily reports in your email and software daily hence you can be aware of everything and take better decisions i.e. work from anywhere you like.

Features of Reach accounting software:

  • POS
  • Invoice
  • Bar-code reading
  • Inventory management
  • Banking process synchronization
  • Bulk sms and email
  • Accounting
  • Mobile app, etc


  • Bank level security
  • 256 bit encryption
  • Shoots OTP everytime your employee logs in from outside office
  • Accessibility restriction menu for more privacy
  • Backup every 3 hours

Advantages that you can enjoy with paperless business

  • You can reduce resource cost
  • Your employees can get updates easily without you having to distribute any sheets
  • Your bank work can also be stored in the software as it synchronizes without you having to keep all the receipts in a file
  • Your data can be stored in the cloud with easy backup
  • Your business will be stored in the safest manner
  • You can work more and spend less on accounting
  • There is more privacy for your accounts
  • You can save yourself from messy bookkeeping as the software organizes all your accounts and you can have a clear view of the entire history
  • You need not wait for the sales report files instead you can get all your updates daily in the end of the day in your email or access the software anytime and see all the reports from any location hence you can take care of your business even when you are not at office.
  • You can prepare sheets and send it to all your employees at one go without having to print it
  • It reduces printing cost and helps you work faster.

Tally erp price Vs. Cloud erp price

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