Unbelievably Devastating mistakes people make while choosing an ERP software with GST

Unbelievably Devastating mistakes people make while choosing an ERP software with GST

Unbelievably Devastating mistakes people make while choosing an ERP software with GST

All the business we see around are looking for a perfect ERP software for their business. But without completely researching about the software and following certain steps can lead to purchasing or installing a software that can turn out to be disappointing. It is also possible that you are not fully aware of the mistakes that you are making.

Here are some of the unbelievably devastating mistakes people make while choosing an ERP software with GST:

1. Choosing the wrong vendor

Depending on the website and not directly calling or contacting the vendor cannot be considered as a proper research done on an ERP software. It can lead to certain misunderstandings and half knowledge is always dangerous. Therefore calling up, getting entire details and clearing all your doubts before getting the software is a must. Getting a demo is also an important part as it makes you aware of what you are actually getting while purchasing the software. You become aware of its advantages and disadvantages, so you can measure the pros and cons with other ERP software with GST and make your final decision.

2. Depending on the brand reputation alone

The brand recognition must be kept in mind but it must not blind you while looking for an ERP software for your company. Depending entirely on the brand recognition might not give you the complete knowledge. Every business is unique even if they might belong to the same category. Therefore you need to go ahead and check for yourself which is the software that is more beneficial for your company and which you are more comfortable with.

3. Not utilizing the entire package

Stay well informed about the ERP software that you have installed for your business. You need to take full advantage of the software and enjoy all the benefits for what you have paid. Get to know your ERP software thoroughly so you can use it properly for maximum benefits.

4. Being scared of changes

To leave the comfort zone is always difficult for everyone. An ERP software that your company might have been using for a while gives you a comfortable feeling hence stretching. And changing might seem like a difficult choice because the seat is already warm. Getting a new ERP software with GST that has better. And more features is always a good choice that will help your business grow. It is time to choose something that is more beneficial for your business. A new software might take a time to getting used to but something that helps to grow your business is necessary to reach the goals that you have a vision for your company. Even if changing the software means major changes in the business function but we know comfort zone never takes us anywhere.

5. Not being specific on RFI

This could lead to not getting the right information, misunderstandings and wrong package. While sending out an RFI(Request For Information) you need to mention all the details for example:

  • What package you are looking for
  • Any extra features required
  • What is the budget on the long run
  • Benefits that you are looking for, etc.

Make it clear and specific while sending out RFI so you don’t get half a knowledge or wrong information keep it specific. And clear not lengthy and confusing so they can understand your questions and requirements.

6. Too many opinions

It is always a wrong choice to take an advice from too many people from all the departments. And then you have too much to look into. Instead, let the vendor walk you through their software. And explain it to you in a simple way so you can see if it meets your demands and supports your business. If there are too many opinions it might sound entirely different from what the software offers but there could be a way to handle the requirements in its own way, therefore, give a chance to the vendor to explain to avoid confusion.

Reach ERP software is a cloud-based software that takes care of your entire company including your accounting and GST system. It is user-friendly and has many advanced features that make it different. And better from other ERP software that offers with GST.

Reach ERP software is a software with the complete function of all that a business requires. It has products based on your requirements, it customizes and you can also add some requirements if necessary for your business. Features of  Reach ERP software are as listed below:

  • GST Calculation as per government requirements
  • Project management
  • Invoicing
  • Expense management
  • Accounting
  • Inventory management
  • Bulk messaging
  • Lead management
  • Mobile app

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