Hardware shop Software with GST for India

“Reach Hardware shop software was very specific to my business, It helped me so much that I am able to concentrate more nowadays I can develop my business to the next level. Reach is taking care of my entire accounts problem. I am very much satisfied with reach.

Desikan V.R-Partner Swarnam Metal Industries


Hardware shop software with GST makes your data Compatibility, materials management, sales order management. Financial, production, supply chain, and customer management easy. It directly delivers the support solutions for all your projects ranging from small scale to global corporations.

Inventory Management

You must get notified whenever your inventory will run on low storage. Manual checking of the backlog in the stock require high effort and more persons for each department. There will always be a possibility of getting errors if it is incorporated with the manual inventory management. So, you can check your maintenance report more easily from the dashboard. It also reminds the details about the ancillary items. Due to the use of ERP System the typical Quality checking at every entry level can be achieved.


Since the ERP Software all the 3 major parts of the system such as manufacturing, service management and distribution it establishes improved communication through the company. Due to this all the departments are able to work together efficiently and they can share the information on product tracing details more effectively within the network. You can expand and remove the users as per the requirement that varies with due course of time

Process Manufacturing

ERP software holds the details about how much quantity are running in the process and when will the process complete so that you can ready for sales. You can make sale of your stock which are staying before deadline with low costs or at offer price quickly using the stock quantity displayed in the dashboard. your business also gain using the accurate offer price that won”™t affect your investment can be calculated by the software itself.

Instant Accounting

Out of all uses it is highly recommended that the software you are choosing should be capable of instant accounting which is being considered as the best feature. It should hold your economic entities by secured access and restricted data handling. It will be much better if the software is fully coded with Indian Taxation rules and Guidelines to calculate the accurate amount and get paid on or before due date so that you can relax without penalty. Always be sure to have the exported copy of documents so that you can always refer it for future reference.

Supply Management

While talking about the inventory management this ERP system will surely helps you get rid of vendors whom are asking for commission. You can easily handle the data with you and your customer health centers. So there”™s a benefit and gain of money due to non commission trading. You can even make your trade internationally and track your equipment from sales order followed by dispatching, shipping, delivery, installation, warranty, repair, replacement and return.

I always Suggest Clients to Try out some ERP Software to compare the best fit for their business or you can check on ERP comparison tool or Listen to what Leading  Business Persons say about their ERP Software

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