”œWhether you succeed or not but actually making the attempt is more important”

An Inspiring & Uplifting Story of Mr. Nidheesh Gopalan

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About Nidheesh

Mr. Nidheesh Gopalan is the managing director of Workolo employment services private limited.

On his life as an entrepreneur, from a simple call center employee to a successful employer with a successful company. A multi-talented man, a playback singer plus an entrepreneur at the moment. He talks about how he came to be an entrepreneur and how he utilized his hobby and talent to do what he really wanted to. Hence, he decided to give it a shot at singing which brought his talent to the spotlight. But his idea of Work solo chose a rooted path which in turn brought the interesting change of events and turned an employee to an owner of an idea that became his company and his identity. Honestly speaking it is a business networking app with a lot of difference. It was a very difficult transition from being an employee to becoming an entrepreneur…


Mr.Nidheesh Gopalan,  CEO, Workolo – Chennai.

I”™ve completed B.com and LLB in Mumbai University.

Then I pursued masters in information technology in Sydney Queensland University Australia.

I was more interested in music, so I started singing for movies.

Initially, I started singing for Yuvan Shankaraja and later on for a couple of well-renowned music directors.

What inspired you to start workolo?

I started Workolo way back in 2006 where this concept was already haunting me a lot.

But everything got materialized in the year 2010 when I decided to come back from Australia and then pursue the concept which I had for Workolo.

So the world Workolo means Work Online Ordering.

So the main concept was to enable people to order work slots online, so that was the main idea behind the word Workolo.

The original plan was to launch Workolo app in Sydney Australia but then I was very adamant to  launch the Workolo app in Chennai because I was born and brought up here.

How has been the experience so far?

Providing a perfect staffing solution is the biggest challenge and the algorithms what we have made for the Workolo app has done the job greatly well. I am very happy to tell you that today we have about 7000 registrations in Chennai. And I thank the people in Chennai for supporting us. 7000 registrations in last one year is a great achievement, without any advertisements or without any kind of marketing expenses whatsoever. What we have done is direct marketing with the SMEs, retail outlets, with MNCs, so we have all kinds of employers and job seekers with us who have registered with us now. Now we have yearly subscriptions which will take care of unlimited requirements and unlimited profiling of every job seeker and an employer. So which in large is going to be a very cost saving platform for both employers as well as the job seekers?

How do you look for right people to hire?

The company has grown into a size of 60 employees, this includes both permanent and casual employees.

More than talent what we look for is the attitude which really matters for us.

It’s easy to train a person without any skills at all but it’s very difficult to train a person with a very bad attitude.

So that is the first thing what we look for in a person and apart from that it’s mostly their skills. And how well they cope with the co-mates.

What are the three critical things that you focus your attention on everyday?

If I have to classify three critical things what I do on a daily basis.

The first thing I would say is that I assign work for myself and for my co teammates, you know, a day before. And I monitor the work on a daily basis which will be my second critical task. The third critical tasks will be addressing the issues on a timely basis.

So these are the three exercises or the three critical things that I need to do on a daily basis to keep the work going without any issues.

How do you sum up your experience as an entrepreneur?

Experience as an entrepreneur is not as easy as being an employee.

Being an employee you just have to worry about your work from morning till evening and then forget it.

Being an entrepreneur it’s a 24 hours plus thing. I mean 24 hours is not enough to get your daily work done.

On the other side, the positive side I would say I am very happy to be living my dreams as of now.

So I think everyone should transform from just being an employee to becoming an entrepreneur, whether you succeed or not but actually making the attempt is more important.

What do you think about the future for startups in India?

Our Indian government is coming up with a lot of schemes and I really appreciate that. I wish that there was an easy channel through which people can avail these benefits. Most entrepreneurs in India now understand that looking for an opportunity is very easy.

Looking for an opportunity is basically addressing a particular problem the community faces and providing a solution.

So this platform is becoming more and more popular and I see a lot of opportunity for the startups in the future because India has the technology and the people have the knowledge because of the kind of education system that we have in our country. So I see a lot of startups in the future I see a lot of entrepreneurs emerging in our country.

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