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Automate your Sales Team. Grow faster.

With Reach CRM, you can get your sales team to close more deals, Accelerate Productivity and make some informed decisions. With Reach CRM you will be able to interact with your current and future customers effectively. customer, improves productivity, and wins customer loyalty

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Top Product Features


Store all your contacts. Helps to track and record the status of the customer. Enables interaction between you and customers. No matter how many contacts you have, with Reach CRM software you can manage business contacts, clients, marketing and sales leads with ease.

Lead Management

Manage all your leads in one place. Easy to convert lead into appointments. Reach CRM Software enables you to categorize leads based on their interest level. Gives you a clear view of which lead to being addressed first.


Reach CRM Software enables you to send quotes for your customers effortlessly. Sales person can easily create quotations using Reach mobile app and send it to the customer instantly.

Sales Orders

Manage all your sales orders efficiently with more specific actions and tasks. Convert your sales orders into an invoice with a single mouse-click through this interface.

Mobile App

Manage your business on the go. Get your company updates and summary in a single click from your mobile app with Reach CRM software. You will be able to manage your sales team with ease.

Sales team Collaboration

Ensures smooth flow of communication between the telemarketing team and sales team. The sales team will have more clarity about their daily appointments and the appointment updates are real time.

E-mail integration

Integrates all your business E-mails in a single place. Reach CRM Software helps you to perform necessary actions like assigning the mails to the concerned departments, convert to Invoices, sales orders, etc.

Territory Management

No matter how many branches you have, Reach CRM software unites all your branches performance in a better way. Shows branch wise profitability, expenses, Income and overall reports.

Bulk SMS and e-mail

You can send SMS to your customers at various stages of your business flow. SMS can be sent when you are creating an appointment, quote, invoice etc. Similarly, you can also automate emails at various stages of the business flow. Reach CRM software also comes with the option of bulk emails and bulk SMS to your customers and vendors.

Cloud Call integration

Call your customers at the click of a button. No more dialing of customer’s numbers when you use Reach CRM Software. Calls can be recorded easily and played back for future reference. Recording facility improves the productivity of your sales team.

Reports & Dashboard

You will know the overall profit and loss, sales, expenses, top lead source, top customer, top employee etc. Synchronizes each and every single function of your organization. Enables the user to check all the reports relating to Finance, Sales, Tax, Stock and audit tool reports


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