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Top 21 Reasons to Buy
  • 1Custom made to suit your Business

    Each Business is different and needs a different software. If you are a Service Business,Sales & Service,Trader and distribution, Manufacturer,Textile Store Owner,Jewellary,Supermarket we have already pre-customized the software to suit your business. You can simply buy and start using. No customization needed.

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  • 2Sends Free SMS to your customers

    You can send sms to your customers every time you fix an appointment, raise an Invoice, acknowledge a Receipt or send delivery. This will make you look very professional in the eyes of your customer.

  • 3Captures your Leads from emails and website directly

    You can choose to collect leads directly from your website or automatically import leads sent to a particular mail box. The software will automatically import the leads and keep it ready for your sales guys the next day. You will never miss a lead again.

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  • 4Tracks your Orders

    The software allows you to identify and convert the leads into orders and send quotes for requested orders. You can set delivery dates for the orders and automatically be intimated when the delivery is due.

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  • 5Raises Invoices customized with your Branding

    You can choose from 20 different types of Invoices and customize the Invoice with your Logo and Taglines. This makes your Invoices and communications with your customers look professional and complete.

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  • 6Converts Invoices raised in Foreign Currency to Rupees

    When you raise Invoices to your clients abroad in currencies other than Rupees, It automatically converts into today's buying rate and records as an accounting transaction. It saves you the pain of having to find the current rate and doing the currency conversion.

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  • 7Automatically prepares your VAT, Service Tax and TDS Returns

    Tax reports are prepared along with Input tax credit adjustments. You will also be allowed to download the annexures in the formats prescribed for the states of Tamilnadu, Karnataka and Andrapradesh currenly.

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  • 8Runs your Payroll: Sends Pay slips to your Employees and prepares Pay register.

    You can send professional payslips to your employees and prepare a monthly pay register which you can use to transfer salaries to your employee accounts. The entire process of running a payroll can be done in a few clicks.

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  • 9Imports from Excel and Tally

    Getting started and bringing your data inside the software is really easy. You can simply choose to import data from Excel or from your Tally File by downloading a Free Tally Importer app given along with our software.

  • 10Gives Multi-user Access controlled by the admin

    You can create unlimited users and control what they are allowed to do. You can create separate logins for your Accountant, CA, Partners and Sales Staffs.

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  • 11Allows you to view the Reports on your Mobile Phone

    Being on the cloud allows you to access key informations like current Bank Balance, Daily Sales, Daily Expenses and Daily Profits on your Mobile phone.

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  • 12Manages your Inventory

    Protects you from pilferage of stock and keeps you in control of the stocks in hand. You will never miss out on expired goods and goods to be ordered next time.

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  • 13Shows you Branchwise/ Sitewise Profitability

    When you have multiple branches or centre from which you work, The software helps you to track expenses, Income and Profits branchwise

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  • 14Helps you set budgets and compare

    You can now set budgets on your spending and compare where you have overspent

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  • 15Makes it easy to scale up and beat your competition

    If you are planning to scale up, You can instantly use the software as a plug and play to get control over your operations.

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  • 16Your CA will love it

    The software has inbuilt audit tools which your CA will love. This helps him run audit queries and prepare tax reports in a flash.

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  • 17Securely Backs up your data online

    You will never suffer from corrupted files or data loss. The software backs up your data online and stores securely with Bank Level 256 bit encryption.

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  • 18Saves you Hardware cost

    Being on the cloud allows you to provide multi-user access without investing on Clients and Server Hardware. You can access across all devices without increasing your hardware spend.

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  • 19Let’s you work even while you are not in office.

    You will never have to carry your data with you. Being web-based allows you to access and ponder over your business data even when you are at home or when you are travelling.

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  • 20Manage all your activities from a single dashboard

    Everyday, irrespective of where you are, you will now know the number of leads received, orders received, orders to be shipped for the day, the invoices which needs to be collected, the payments which needs to be made and the balance of cash and bank from a single dashboard. This helps you make informed decisions.

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