Become a Next-gen Accountant by serving your clients over the cloud. Save time and money and expand your horizon.

When you should upgrade your practice to the cloud?

  • When you have clients from across different locations and want to access their accounts real-time (not wait till the data is sent)
  • When you want to increase your monthly cash flows by offering accounting services remotely.
  • When you will have to safely store your client data remotely and access it from anywhere, anytime.

What can you use this product for?

Outsourced Accounting

To finish the outsourced accounts
in less than 30 minutes!!

Outsourced Accounting

To finish the outsourced accounts
in less than 30 minutes!!

How this works?

Outsourced Accounting
Hands over bills or excel sheet with data Imports these excel into a software,
punches in sales and purchases and prints
financial statements in minutes
Real-time Accounting
Uses the software for billing and recording purchases Logs into the account for finalisation
and filing monthly tax returns
(don’t have to wait till
data comes in at month end)

How is this better than Tally or Quickbooks?

Quickbooks is short of features and Tally is not on the Cloud. Reach is a perfect combination

Product Name Tally Quickbooks Moiboo
Price Paid Paid Free for self use.
Charged only if clients
are given access
No. of clients you create from single docket unlimited 1 unlimited
No. of users you can create 1 7 unlimited
Option for you and your clients to work at the same time Not available Available Available
Features for Traders, Retailers, Manufacturers like Inventory etc Available Not Available Available
Allowing clients only to work on certain functions Not possible Not possible Possible
Automatic data backup and hard disk crash protection Not available Available Available
Anti-virus protection Not available Available Available

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