10 best small business ideas for India

If you are considering starting up a business with less or no Investment, This post discusses some small business ideas for India which can be run profitably

Small Business ideas India

1. Maid Services: In India getting maids for day to day household work is becoming tougher. Even in corporate it is the same. This segment is 80% unorganized. If you can start an agency to provide maids for households and corporate that will be a great way to make money. But there are 2 big challenges that you will face while doing this business. One will be sourcing people. The other challenge will be in doing background checks of sourced people. Since people take maids provided by your agency you should be very sure whether the maids provided by you are trustworthy. If you can have a check on this then this will be a good lucrative business.


2. Translation business: Translation business online is a very good freelancing business. The main skill required to do this business is your regional language skills and English language skills. If you have this skill then you have so many business opportunities on the net. You will be either paid on project basis or words count basis. In this business, you can decide on how much money you want to make. Since there is no investment in this business, you can initially try it part time and based on your returns you can do it as a full time business.

3. Day care centers: For Women, Daycare centres will be the most preferred business. As you know very well, In India we are seeing a huge rise in the working women population. As a result there is a huge demand for day care centres. People generally chose a daycare centre which is very close to their home. So you should always choose the day care centre in a highly populated residence. If this is done smartly, then you have to make everyone in the locality to know about you. So you need to promote your business in and around your daycare centre. Once you understand this running this business is easier.

4. Food Business: Another business which is booming in India is the food business. There are so many varieties of Restaurants available. You will have to either choose the variety which is moving fast or start a new variety by yourself. 4 important things for successful restaurants are the food taste & quality, customer service, pricing and good ambience. If you could follow all this with good advertising, you can have a successful restaurant business. Click more to know about Restaurant business.

5. Jewellery Making: Another small business which women would love to do is Jewellery making. All you have to do is learn jewellery making especially fancy ones. There are so many 7 day programs to learn jewellery making. Once you learn it all you have to do supply to it initially to your known fancy stores, garment store, gifts store etc. and know the response. Once the response is good you can scale up to big stores and later you can come out with your own brand of jewels. You can do it small scale as well as large scale depending on your finance.

6. Personal Trainer: With the introduction of fitness centers, people have become more health conscious. Initially people were going to Gym. But for many of them they do not have time to go to gym. So they buy fitness equipment and start exercising at their home. Since they do not know what to do they take the help of the personal trainer. Personal trainer is the person who will come to the customer”™s place and train them on exercising and food habits. If you are a fitness freak you can look at this option as a small business.

7. Tuitions at home: Tuitions at home is another new concept which is picking up fast. There are parents who wanted their children to study tuitions at the comfort of their home. You can start an agency that will be sourcing teachers for tuitions at home. All you have to do is coordinating between the parents and the teachers. If you can do it in an organized way it can be a success story.

8. Garment Store: Garment store is another business in which you can make lot of money. People have become more fashion conscious now. Now they spend most of their leisure time on food, entertainment and shopping. Shopping is majorly for buying dresses. So the market is huge and the competition is also huge. If you can create a base of customers and a name for yourself it will be a money yielding business.

9. Online store: This is another new low investment business. You can sell everything online. So to do that all you need is products. Products can be a creative one, hand-made or anything which you can do it by yourself. If you feel your product has a market you can immediately sell your product in sites like e-bay, amazon without much difficulty. All you have to do is use the kart rocket application to do it. To know more about how to do it, just check our older articles

10. Wedding Films: Big fat weddings are the order of the day. Now there is a new trend of making films on bride and groom like a movie. This movie will include songs and dance making it look more like a Bollywood film. If you are from the media background you can also think about it as small business option.

When I am writing this, there may be someone opening a new business somewhere in the world. Any new things are welcome as long as it is ethical and legal. Hope you pick the right business idea, analyze, research and then start the business.If you are looking for a Free lance business without investing then you can go here

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