6 People to meet before you do a Startup

“Idea” is the sperm of every Business. “Ideas” can make you rich, Ideas are the starting point but Having a Good Idea is never an accomplishment, rather Its just a beginning of painful processes and learnings which will follow before you hit your treasure. There is a really long gap between just scribbling your idea in a piece of paper and getting them to work for you as a Business. If you truly have an idea in which you believe, Just meet these people before you take a plunge

1. Meet your Friend

Meet someone in the gang whom you think has the highest bit of knowledge about the idea. Ask him if the idea excites him. If yes, Ask him if he is willing to invest some money into the idea (You dont have to take him in, though). If he still says ok. Meet the next guy.

2. Meet a VC

Definately not to raise money! (Why?), but to get your idea scrapped and perfected; He might do some straight talking and tell you why you wasted his time.

3. Meet a competitor

If you dont have a competitor, Think twice. If nobody in this 2000 years of existance wanted to try venturing into this idea, Why would you?

4. Meet a probable customer

Meet the person, whom you think would be using this product. Pretend to have the product/service already and try selling it to them. If interested, ask them for a price and check what they are willing to pay

5. Meet your CA

Meet your CA and ask him to help you raise some money, if required for your Venture. He might take you to a Bank and brief you on the formalities.

6. Meet your wife

Now meet your wife, Tell her that you’ve quit your job (Dont quit still) and will be pledging some jewellery or property to fund the venture, Get some piece of her mind.

Next, Do these 6 things.

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