5 Benefits of using Online Accounting Software over Tally erp 9

Any business can be managed efficiently by using business automation software. There are 2 types of software which a business owner can utilize namely Desktop software and Online software (Cloud software). Traditionally Indian companies have been used to desktop software. Currently the Indian online market is booming which has resulted in business owners opting for Online Accounting software India. Business owners go for online accounting software mainly for the 5 benefits given below.

1. Easy Accessibility:

With the help of the online accounting software, the business owner can access the business data anytime anywhere. This has been one of the main reasons for a business owner to go for online accounting software over desktop software. There are some online accounting software like Reach Accountant which comes with a mobile app which makes it easier for the owner to track his business in his mobile phone.

2. Easy Upgrade:

Technology always changes with time. If you are using desktop software you will have to purchase new versions by paying huge sum of money. If you take online software you will have to pay only less money for upgrades and in some cases they provide the latest upgrade for free. Another important aspect is you need not install the new version it automatically gets updated. That saves lot of time. Isn’t it?

3. Pay less:

If you are going with online accounting software, you need not invest on the server, maintenance and other hardware costs. This saves lot of money to the company. This is one of the main reasons why people prefer online accounting software. Another important feature is online software is generally subscription based and it is paid either annually or half yearly. So the initial payment for the software will be much lesser compared to desktop software.

4. Less Data Loss:

Since the online accounting software is in the cloud, your data gets backed up in the cloud. In times of system crash your data will be safe in the cloud. So you can be free of your worries from data loss. That also reduces your investment on data storage equipment.

5. System Independent:

Another benefit that you would witness when using online accounting software is you will not be dependent on one particular system which has the software. Since it works through internet you can easily use this software as long as the system has internet. It makes managing accounts simpler.

Of course there are so many other benefits of using online accounting software. We have only highlighted the main benefits associated with online accounting software. In a nutshell, you can definitely say that online accounting software is way ahead of desktop software.

I am a Chartered Accountant with 5 years of experience in both Consulting (KPMG) and Industry (Tapzo).

I am currently assisting various Organizations in understanding the impact of GST on their businesses to help them with a smooth transition.

Key areas of experience include:
– Developing SOPs and Process Implementation
– Identifying and Implementing Internal Controls as required by the ICFR Framework
– Training and Development of staff in various Finance/ Audit functions
– Statutory Audits

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