10 Business ideas that you can start with low investment

10 Business ideas that you can start with low investment

Most of the people looking to start their own business are stuck at their workplace or are still on the line waiting for enough investment to start a business while some are wishing on their lucks.

While all along there have been these low investment business ideas that can be started with very less amount of budget. Why waste time wondering when there are a number of business waiting for you that you can start with whatever you have with you at the moment.


Lets us look at the list of 10 business ideas that you can start with low investment:

  1. Stationery shop

This is a very useful and an easy to start type of retail store. You can find the right location for a better business. Next to a school or a college or in an area where a lot of families with school going children can be found.


  1. Handmade gift shop

This a simple business idea where you will just have to invest on the materials to make your items and a place to open your store. You can also open such store in your house itself. Along with being an affordable business it also has less competition as each handmade gift shop is different from another. Try to stand out and do something innovative and that will help you in having a successful business.


  1. Fruits and vegetables shop

This is a common business in the market but it has high demand so it will get you buyers. You must learn to store them properly as they are highly perishable goods. Do not bring in huge amount of items at once as you will suffer from product waste hence make sure that you bring just enough for few days.


  1. Mobile food court

Easy to start and flexible this business can bring good amount of profit if you know the right place, the right food or if you posses the cooking skills. It takes low investment unlike a restaurant you do not have to arrange places for the customers to sit or rent a place to start your business. You can also save on staff as you may need just one or no helper at all to handle this business.


  1. Start your own blog

This business takes a very less investment or no investment at all. But you might have to spend several hours and weeks making your blog stand out and make an earning in the start to get visitors. It is a perfect business for women.


  1. Custom made festival gift shop

A simple and innovative idea that can be very profitable every season. There are several festivals in a year. Take the grand ones and come up with innovative festival related gifts that people will be drawn too. It needs very less investing but a unique and smart ideas to make an earning out of it.


  1. Ice cream parlour

In demand and easy to set up ice cream parlour can also give you a good business with little investment. This is a profitable and a simple business although it is a common business yet always in demand just like the grocery stores.


  1. Wedding planner

The stress and expectations are high on the couples and their families hence they always need a planner. Take this as an opportunity and start your wedding planner business. It does not need any special investment at all. You will have the budget provided by the client and you can easily help them out planning schedule meetings and keep your client”™s interest in mind that is all you will have to do and help them out planning A to Z of their wedding. It can get a little hectic as it is a wedding but what else to expect, this will not demand any investment from your side as wedding budget will be given to you by the client and on top of that you have your pay as well.


  1. Interior designer

This will demand a little bit of knowledge from this background but will demand no heavy investment. Just like wedding planner you will have the budget from your client and all you will need to do is use innovative and unique ideas and take care of your client”™s needs.


  1. Yoga instructor

Spending very little on a place to start your yoga instructor business you can reach to good heights in this field. Yoga as we know have become very essential and have entered into the spotlight in recent years, seeing it’s benefits everyone wants to take up yoga for fitness hence you can charm your way through in this business using your yoga skills. People are ready to pay high amount to learn yoga as it is now also followed by all the celebrities hence people take it as an expensive fitness routine therefore you have a bright future with this business.

10 Business ideas that you can start with low investment

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