Checkout our awesome new features!

Version 2 of our product is now available.

In this release:

  • We focused on building features to help you find out where your money is coming from and going to by adding some charts to help you get a perspective of your business cash flows.
  • We have also added some functions which allow you to invite co-owners, advisors and auditors to view your reports.
  • We have made the process of filing monthly VAT/Service Tax pleasurable by allowing you to view/print/file tax returns.
  • We have also made sure that all scanned receipts are attached to every transaction to give you complete control over any future tax scrutiny.
  • We will be also be adding Invoicing, which will help you design, create and send invoices to your customers using our application. It may take up another two weeks before this feature is up and running. But bear with us, it will be worth it!

We plan to release updates regularly, based as much as possible on what you tell us you want. Take a look at the dashboards. Perhaps, It might give you a overview of what I’m saying.

Profitability Overview

Categorywise Analysis

Customerwise Analysis

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