Trigger the Web

A group of awesome individuals are launching an event platform, Triggr. ( The idea behind the event is to bring together start-up enthusiasts, technologists & professionals to share learning, experiences and connect with each other. Triggr has been founded with a single point agenda to evangelize the start-up & tech ecosystem with a goal of fostering interaction and communication between community members.

The idea behind the event was somewhat inspired from Indus Khaitan”™s post on Quora.
”œIn Silicon Valley, pick a day of the week & a topic, you’ll find an event to attend and most likely with free pizza and a soda. This is missing in India. I don’t want big name conferences held twice a year, rather, weekly mela where people get together, learn a thing or two and go home.”œ

Each event will be organized with a specific them and an underlying agenda to drive the theme, for example, Web/Internet, Android, MySQL, iPhone, User-Interfaces/User Experience, etc.

The first event, TRIGGR THE WEB, is happening on 9th April 2011 in Noida. The event is open for everyone who cares about opportunities created by Web technologies. Detailed agenda is available on the site (

  • Venue: Instamedia Office, B-113, Sector 65, Noida
  • Date: 9 April 2011 (Saturday), 10:00 AM to 6:00 PM
  • Cost: Free as in Beer
  • Twitter Hash Code: #ttw (Trigger The Web)
  • Agenda: Triggr the Web will showcase talks and presentations on various stages of a web startup from the phase of ideation, to product development, creating first buzz, building community, measuring success and performance and scaling.

Future Road map

It will be a monthly/fortnightly event, with various events targeted at different tech themes aptly titled as ”œTriggr The Android”, ”œTriggr the SQL”, ”œTriggr the Mobile”, etc. to be organized in different cities.

Be there or you might feel extinct!

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