5 common mistakes people make with business productivity

5 common mistakes people make with business productivity5 common mistakes people make with business productivity

Business productivity is the key to expanding your business. Any progress comes from the productivity of the business. You don”™t have to be someone born unique or learn rocket science to get productivity out of your business. Business can be dealt with little bit of rules and little bit of tricks.

In order to find a solution for any issue  you have to find out the root cause of the issue in order to fix it. As for example; when you are sick you look for the cause of sickness, take the cure and prevent it in future by not doing the same mistakes that got you sick in the first place.

Hence to increase your productivity you need to find out what is hindering the productivity in your business so you can avoid making these mistakes in the future.

The 5 common mistakes people make with business productivity:

  1. Having no clear vision

Are you organized, well planned and sure about what you need, what your targets are and how to achieve them? Not planning before hand can lead you to a mess. It not a sudden road trip, your business needs early planning and a clear vision of what you want out of it. Having no clear vision will lead you nowhere you will be confused about what you want and be unstable about everything. This will put your business in chaos. Whatever it is, try to plan it with a clear vision, it helps you figure out ways to achieve your target goals better and this will push you to be more productive.

  1. Hiring too many employees

Unnecessary staff will consume more space and resources from your business and your expenses will increase drastically. As you will spend on their training and their leaves and salary etc. Instead pay attention on the existing employees and train them better. Held training programs for them and train to make them more resourceful and bring them up to your required standards. Too many staff will only cost you more and then the profit you make will be of not much use as it will flow out as well. You could be just a start up and this could be barrier for your growth. The employees more than needed for a business is just a burden as you will have too much care and spend for and your business could deteriorate.

  1. Overworking

Yes you are the head and owner of the business and it is your responsibility to take care of all that goes on in your business. But be sure to give yourself a break as well, as too much work will stress you out and your mind will not able to function without getting irritated and bringing bad mood. You cannot take up everything on your own for example; managing the departments, the business, coming up with ideas etc. Overworking will make you less productive and give a dull mind which will block your capability of coming up with new ideas. Even small issues seem to look huge when you are stressed out, your ability to think and generate ideas becomes low and that could lead to many problems.

Get right amount of rest so your mind and body rejuvenate and you can perform better, leave the things as they are do not run around them unless it’s drowning, let the things function in its natural course, all you need to do is work hard and be patient but not overwork and beat yourself up.

  1. Taking up too many projects

We all want our business to expand and progress and that pushes us to take up more work. Which is absolutely a wrong way to be more productive. Of course it is good when we get more clients and projects but it should not lead to broken shoulders. Take only as much as your business is capable for a month for example you have 8 offers in a month but your company is capable of only 5, so decide on which projects will bring your business more profit or who are your loyal and old clients and select your projects based on that. Just taking up projects to get more business is not a right solution to increasing productivity. It could crash your budget and you might have no employee capacity which will leave a bad impression as your projects might not meet the standards because of the budget problems or lack of people to work on it and might also lead to delays. Therefore it is safer to know your business”™ capacity and stay within limits.

  1. Using too many systems and tools

There is so much to look after in a business and the software have made it easier to handle but there are too many tools in the market to handle everything in a business. There are different software for each type of department in a business, the tax management, accounting software, inventory management software, customer relationship management software etc. This could lead to confusion and make your work more hectic as you have too many tools to access and look into their records. It does make your work easier when you get your business a software. But too many tools altogether to manage a business is a mess as it creates a confusion. Tracking too many things with all different software that are in no way connected with each other gives you the same mess that a record book with too many records gives you, only in a digital format. Which will slower the productivity as it increases your work by making you deal with too much information to collect from different software.

Instead to make it easier using a software, you can use an ERP software that handles all the departments and all the functions at once because it will have all the tools and features in one software. Hence you can manage everything using only one software to get everything done at once hence you can spare time from going through 5 or 6 software to get all the details.

ERP is an intelligent software that increases the production efficiency by reducing the time taken by the customers to pay, prevents wastage and out of stock problems of inventory and helps you make decision with its presumptions and calculations done by gathering information and provided information.

5 common mistakes people make with business productivity

Reach ERP is a fully automated software that stores all your information in the cloud and customize with your business. It is also accessible from anywhere hence you can manage your business even when you are away from office. It manages all your departments and updates you the details in real time. It is an user friendly software hence you can utilize it completely.

Features of Reach ERP are:

  • Project management
  • Invoicing
  • Expense management
  • Accounting
  • Inventory management
  • Bulk messaging
  • Lead management
  • Mobile app

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