5 secrets to make your customers happy

5 secrets to make your customers happy

All the business in this era is focused on pleasing the customers as customers are the main reason why a business runs. If you have no buyers your business is of no use no matter what the quality is. It should always be your concern on how to please the customers. We see many companies that promote their business with line ”œyou matter to us”, ”œcustomers first” or for example MIOT international hospitals ”œPutting patients first”.

Only the service or the product with quality is not what sells it. Caring for your customers when they need help with some service problem, product inquiry etc your company must be there to support them. In our day to day lives we purchase numerous products and services. For example in online shopping when we need help with returns policy, product damage, delay of products we need someone to rely on from the company and someone to walk us through with the policies and we like it when they understands us and is cooperative. But there are many business which fails on serving the customers once they have purchased the product. A company is seen as loyal, friendly and trustworthy when it treats its customers well.

Here are the 5 main secrets to make your customers happy:

  1. Stay in touch with your customers

Contact your customers regularly. Call them and update them about the business and upcoming new services or products. Ask them if they are satisfied with your service or product. Make sure that you care about their availability. Your calls should be friendly and short, do make regular calls but do not bug them. Reply their emails and focus on their queries and needs directly. Keep it as polite and friendly as possible. Do not keep them waiting, reply within 24 hours which will show that you actually care about your customers.


  1. Value their feed backs

The feed backs of the customers are very important as they have suggestions for your business improvement. Using the feed backs you can see where you are lacking and hence you can improve your approach to your customers. You can work on your strengths and focus on the weaknesses and the negative comments so you can improve and satisfy more customers in order to gain loyalty and more buyers or clients.


  1. Be easy to do business with

First of all be easy to access. Your customer support team must be easy to reach. Do not make the customers go through long process or complicated rules to contact the support team. Many companies keep long processes where you have to listen to their ads and wait for more than half an hour till you can finally speak to the people in charge. It is not fun waiting and nobody has time for wasting on your ads or processes. Therefore make it just few clicks away for the customer to reach you. Make sure you stay with them post purchase. Once the product is bought your job is not done. Ask about their experiences, did they face any problem, dissatisfaction, delay etc. Have easy and faster policies, best example is Myntra where you have a simple returns policy and fast amount back in the way of purchase made or the way a customer prefers. Make sure that your employees are behaving well with the customers and are fully trained on how to deal with them.


  1. Be authoritative and have solutions for everything

Be sure about the decisions you take for the customers and offers you provide them. If you are not sure about the decisions you choose for them, the customers will have a hard time trusting your company. If a customer comes with a dilemma in between two plans or two products choose for them wisely based on their concern and needs. There might be certain problems that are complicated. For example the product never arrived and it is out of stock after the purchase has been made. The customers will have many questions about why it was not informed earlier etc. Give a cash back along with a goodwill offer or whatever your company allows so the customer accepts your apology and continues to do business with you. Do not stutter and be blank about solutions, always have a reply and a reasonable answer for everything. It is your company and you need to make your employees aware of it thoroughly so they can reply to every question thrown at them.


  1. Keep it realistic

Make real promises keep it small if it is, there is no use of making attractive promises and not being able to act it out. When you make promises to a customer do not hype it and increase expectations and then disappoint them. Keep it to the extend your company will be able to perform and when you add extra touch more than you promised the customers will be happy and get a tiny surprise as well. If it is not possible find other options to make it happen some idea that will benefit the customer while correcting certain mistakes. Give them what they see, do not make fake promises on the cover just to attract them and then you will have disappointed customers and lose your clients and buyers.

5 secrets to make your customers happy


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