Accounting solution for shopify front

Accounting solution for shopify front

The accounting solution for shopify front.

Reach accounting software can be used as a backend accounting software for e-commerce stores. It is a an easily customizable accounting software that fulfills all the demands of an ecommerce business. It manages accounting and inventory seamlessly. The orders in the ecommerce store can be downloaded automatically to the software.

Reach is a friendly software that has easy backup as it is a cloud based software. It is a feature rich software and generates several useful functions for better management of a business.


  1. Accounting

Manage your income and expense grouping , accounting ledgers, tax heading creations and operations. It allows you to manage bank and cash creations, asset liability, creation and operations, income and expense, recording, journal entries and contra transactions and much more.


  1. Invoicing

Reach has over 20 invoicing templates that you can choose from.  It is allows you to customize the invoices with your business logo and tag line. It automatically converts invoices raised in foreign currency into INR. It allows you to print, email and extract invoices to pdf. Set reminder for your invoice due and send reminder in a form of sms and email.


  1. Multi branch

Create multi branch and manage each business separately by the manager of each branch.


  1. Auditor view

Get full financial report availability. Read the process by auditor, tax reports, VAT report with e-filing options, PF  and ESI reports, Tax consulting modules.


  1. Operations and process

Manage the product and service grouping and customize invoice with your business logo.  Small, medium and large scale operations, retail or whole sale enabled. Manage product service and maintenance, godown and showroom wise operations and much more.


  1. Bank synchronizations and process

Sync over 30 bank, online reconciliation, view and matching to accounting heads. Multiple matching and have all your transaction emails and message in your software.


  1. Addons

Access e stores, google docs, google calendar, project management tools, SMS gateway, payment gateways and many others.


  1. Tally import

Import all your data easily from tally. Period selection and immediate process.


  1. Mobile application

Access Reach from tabs, iPads, iPhones and android phones. Manage your business from anywhere even when you are not at work and get all your reports on time and updates in real time.


  1. Purchase

Manage purchase orders and estimates. Easily view purchase bills, purchase returns, vendor outstanding and manage them.


  1. Sales

Get all your sales reports daily and updates in real time.  Manage quotes, multi product operations, sales invoice, sales return, recurring invoices on one attempt, customer balance, etc.


  1. Access

Access your account and manage your business from any location. You can also restrict accessibility using it”™s restriction menu so you can have more privacy within the software. There are no hard accounting process just simple instructions that automates your business.

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I’m a tax expert with over 10 years of professional experience. I’ve gained practical insights on GST and other Taxes during my tenture as a Tax expert and GST Trainer in Reach Accountant.

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