Why consumers have started moving Online? Is managing your Business online the next big thing?

Last Sunday 12th October 2015, I witnessed a thrilling cricket match between India and South Africa on Star Sports Television. Till the last over both the the sides had equal chance of winning it. In spite of Rohit Sharma”™s heroics India was on the losing side.  During the match I saw lot of advertisements and I could notice a sea change in the concepts and the type of companies that are advertising. Barring a few, majority of the advertisers are eCommerce companies or online companies. If you take the concept of the advertisements mostly it will have a smart phone shown in it. To tell you in detail, the advertisers for the cricket match were Paytm, Intex, Airtel 4g, bla bla car, snapdeal, idea, olx, Samsung, youtube, lava and oxygen. Even the Raymond’s advertisement shows all the parents in a school event taking videos and pictures of their children. So smart phones and online companies are unavoidable in television commercials these days.


Why online companies are spending more on traditional mediums

Just a year back, you would not have seen even a single online company advertising in television. There is definitely a major shift in the advertising pattern of the online companies. This change is mainly due to 2 reasons.

Huge growth of Online Companies:  More and more of online companies have come in India. With lot of VC companies and investors willing to fund in online companies, we can see every day one online company getting started.  Most of the Investors also believe it is easily scalable when they do online business.

Perception of the Advertisers: In earlier days, marketing experts felt that online companies have to spend their Ad budgets only on online medium. According to them traditional mediums like TV, Newspaper, Hoarding etc will not fetch any visitors to their website. But now that perception has changed. With the success of Amazon and Flipkart advertisements, all the other online companies have also followed these successful e-tailers. That is one of the reasons why we could see lot of TV advertisements of online companies.

Why consumers have moved to Online shopping

Coming back to my earlier observation on the advertisers of the cricket match, if you take the advertisement of Airtel or any other service provider, they no more talk about free minutes of talking, their primary focus is on internet speed and internet packs. Let us take the ads of mobile phones, they also talk about clicking photos and sharing it easily and also about their battery life for long hours of browsing on the internet.

Then when I was reading Times of India Newspaper on the same day I could see online companies advertised in it as well. Some of the Ads which I noticed were from bigbasket.com, dineout.co.in, ediy.in, zotezo.com, olx.in and cricbuzz.com. Now I could realize that the whole of India is moving towards online. Few years back, Indian consumers had a doubt on buying products and services online due to trust, credibility, quality, delivery and so on. But now that trend has changed. People have now started doing online shopping. Internet speeds have also increased considerably with the introduction of 3G and 4G network.

Why businesses should go for Online ERP Software for business management

When everything in this world has moved online, why businesses still use desktop software for managing their business? Online is the order of the day. Whatever you see in your life right from groceries, provisions, train tickets, bus tickets, auto, taxi, food, clothes, house etc is easily available in your smart phone, why not your business updates? Even though  business ERP software are available in the market, entrepreneurs or business owners still have the doubts to buy it online due to trust, credibility, features, adaptability etc. This can be compared with the earlier situation what eCommerce companies were facing. Now the scenario has changed.

Similarly, business owners should come out of the traditional way of managing business by using a desktop or standalone software. If as an owner you wanted to grow across boundaries in a faster way, online ERP software should be your choice.  It is only through online erp software you will be able to get real time updates of your business. Reach ERP Software will help you to manage your business with the help of your smart phone. No matter where you are you will know the status of your business in your smart phone real-time all the times.

Just imagine a scenario, where you want to create leads, quotes, sales orders, invoice, bills, receipts, delivery chit, etc using your smartphone. Let us assume that you are in a different country and you wanted important information relating to your business on a Sunday.  With Reach ERP Software you can still access all your business reports with the help of your smart phone. Doesn”™t that sound interesting? Do you want to see a free demo of how it works? You can visit us here.

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