How to Implement ERP Software in your Business

Implementing a Good ERP System is key to the success of your business. While you attempt to do so, you will generally face quite a few challenges to overcome. A Good ERP Implementation Consultant can teach you how to Implement ERP in your business.

Step-1 : Presales

The process starts right from pre-sales where you understand what the business process is and analyse the Gaps between the system and the Requirements. 

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Step-2: Product Visualization and design

This Involves two important steps:

  • Drawing Mockups
  • Fixing Tasks, Milestones and Target Dates

When you get the first customer order or a profitable order, you can deliver it successfully by the integrated ERP software which will help you to track right from lead generation, quotation, sales order, job card, production management, quality check, product delivery, invoice, accounting and so on . As a startup it is important that you put systems and processes in place in the initial stage itself. so, this will help you to run your business in  organized way saving lot of costs.


Step-3: Coding

This step Involves:

  • Coding
  • Preparing Technical and User Documentation

See a Sample Plan on How to implement ERP for a Retail Business:

Keeping your business data in discrete systems makes it difficult to tie all the data together. But ERP System holds every nook and corner details of your business. You can access your database from your mobile no matter where you are.

Step-4: Alpha Product Delivery

ERP System makes you to do smart work than hard work. Make sure you hit the timelines and deliver as promised on time. Our simplified structure is based on the existing process prevailing in most of the factories which makes it all the more easy to implement the ERP software without much difficulty. So, there will be no confusion and no need to learn any new things to achieve your rapid growth so that your business will get accelerated.

Step-5: Testing

Involve the users in the testing process. Here is a easy testing template which you can use

Mobile app in our ERP system will enable the salesperson to create sales order entry with the help of a smart phone.The details gets automatically captured and sent to inventory and the product team.You will get the immediate response from the inventory team that whether the stock is available or not. If the stock is limited the software automatically requests for the raw materials purchase order from the vendor. There is also a quality check option available at two places. One during purchase of raw materials and the other before delivering the product. The software automatically raises the invoice if the product gets ready by the product team and billing can be done before or after delivery according to the company policy.

Step-6- Product Delivery Beta

Delivery the product along with Usermanual or videos to the client and observe progress Your business will get automated while it gets advanced logical techniques by the ERP Software. It will provide you the highest personification of business that carries furthest the works of thoughts and remains first. It is not at all a challenging system to come up with ever higher standards like other software. It will meet the expectation of your employees via simple terms. so, there”™s no need to provide any effective training from outside sources to handle the process through ERP Software.

Make your business decisions in a clever way by the accurately collected data results such as top executive, top customers displaying in the dashboard. 

Step-7: Training

You could be losing hundreds of productive hours every month while increasing the chance of costly mistakes by using man power to enter the huge amount of data. You are in no need to worry about your time incompatible if you own an ERP system. Innovation and Entrepreneurship teetering, you can push your company”™s economy growth in the next 24 hours. Your growing economic situation and your rank in global market is a proof that the ERP system is constantly raising the bar.

Here are the steps involved in Training:

  • Find one Super User within the company (The Super user has to be a senior management employee)
  • Train the Super User and flushout the entire system
  • Once the Super user is trained, Involve one staff from each department
  • Then plan the Roll out

Step-8: Rollout:

Significance of our ERP system is it will make your accounting at instant. It will automatically calculate your invoice accounts, payable bills, and costs of sold goods. It makes your revenue, tax payments easier. It can also find the actual commission; Credit card charges and will do inventory management. It makes your day to day transaction accurate and provides you the accounting statement in detail

Here are the steps involved in the Rollout:

  • Reset the test data in the system
  • Import the masters like Customers, Vendors and Product
  • Import Account Ledgers
  • Initially for a few days, do dual entries in the current system as well as the new one
  • Then make the full switch.

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