Best billing software for diamond wholesalers allows the wholesalers with fast billing and makes it very convenient to run their business.

The best billing software for diamond wholesalers is completely cloud based and customized with your type of business. And also takes care of all the transactions and your accounts.


When we say wholesale we know that it”™s tax free and there is large quantity of products being sold. There is no retailer in between thus the customer is directly buying for the merchant. And we all know that when people hear wholesale the buyers get their hands on how much ever they can. Owning a wholesale calls for the need of a software which can do fast billing and keep all your accounts safe and arranged.


Current scenario

Diamond trends are something that will never go out of style. It symbolizes your status, your class due to its cost in the market. Diamonds are the most expensive matters on earth we can agree and when it is sold there has to be extra measures that are suppose to be taken. The wholesalers deal with the customers directly and not the retailers. Thus to make huge sale like this at once the billings and accounts must be handed out to the customers since it”™s about dealing with an expensive product.


There are numerous problems that needs attending in a wholesale market. There must be faster billing for the customers, since they might be buying big amounts and there must be accounts kept of all the customers. The accounts of your store must be kept safe and arranged because it can be risky and cause troubles if anything were to happen to the accounts, system crashing or any kind of damage. And also the customers might be disappointed due to taking too much time in billing or long process in buying your products.


All the problems caused by the rush and the tangled accounts or any problem with the calculation which can lead to a very big matter, because we are talking about highly expensive product here. You need a software to take care of all these so that you can worry less about your business. But not every software can put its hands on your store and give you a better business and take care of everything in it, but only the best billing software for diamond wholesalers. Reach Accountant is a software that lets you take care of these matters that needs to be given full attention. Reach is completely cloud based therefore no missing data and safe account. With reach there are no miscalculations possible and it also allows fast billing, it takes care of the entire store. So you can have a better business and also you can keep check on recent trends to stay updated.

Top reasons to buy

  1. See project wise profitability

With Reach check what is giving you profit and which haven”™t even crossed your margin. Find out what you can focus on and where you need to put on thoughts on making profit. You can enter different products in different columns and then find out how they are selling out on the dashboard work progress meter that will show you your products profit. All this only with the best billing software for diamond wholesalers. (Click on wholesalers to know how it works.)

  1. Billing based on completed task  

Make it simpler by making the bill separately for every task for example transport, cutting of the diamonds, refining etc. Isn”™t it better when the bill for every task is separately maintained and the billing is done after every task is completed. It helps with your budget as well so that you can work efficiently. With Reach Accountant you will never miss out on any bills, for example not only your payments that you have to receive but for example if you have to make any payments as well you can set a reminder that will keep you alert and you will never have any bill over looked.

  1. Managing expenses for every project

Manage all the projects in your store within your budget, in this case we can say different work on different diamonds. There might have been times when it crossed your budget and you wondered where the mistakes could have been taken place although you can planned it out thoroughly. Let Reach Accountant manage your expenses and keep it all under control you can save yourself from extra expenditures. You can sit back while the best billing software for diamond wholesalers does all the expense management for you.


Features of the best billing software for diamond wholesalers

1.Project management

Your store can be assumed as whole as a project or lets say your projects like bringing new trend into the market. Keep track of it and manage it better with the best billing software for diamond wholesalers. You can select your start day and end day in your project”™s calendar and move accordingly, everything perfectly scheduled and track your employees to see if they are involving themselves at work or not even when you aren”™t at the workplace. The project budget and the time everything is managed from one software. Click  to learn more.

  1. Invoicing

Get customized invoices with your company”™s logo and tagline and choose from 20 different types of invoices which will give you a professional approach towards your customers. Your bills automatically gets converted to invoices and you can keep alarms for your bills as well so no missing out on any bills.

  1. Expense management

Wouldn”™t it be great to have your expenses managed and tracked so that you don”™t make mistakes and and can slow down on expenditures when needed. So that all the work going on in your store or company can be controlled and you can stick to the plan. Only the best billing software for diamond wholesalers can guide you through all the expenses that you make and you can work on watching your expenses without losing your way. Reach will track all your expenses and updated you about how much is going out and how much is left with you. As per the budget provided in every task of product in Reach, it will manage and match up with your total and used amount.

  1. Accounting

All the accounts can be directly transferred from excel sheet to Reach. The accounts are accessible by you from anywhere, it keeps you updated in real time like notifications. Therefore even when you are away your account is under your check and you get all the updates at the moment it happens. The account are safely secured with bank like security and limited access only hence they are well protect with Reach. You don”™t have to worry about system crashing and losing your accounts since Reach is completely cloud based therefore everything is saved in the cloud thus it can be revived anytime. This makes Reach Accountant unique and one of the best billing software for diamond wholesalers.

  1. Inventory management

The demand of the products from wholesalers are bulky since there are no taxes and you need to keep a close look over your inventory so that you don”™t run out of the items. To stay updated with how much item has gone out from your storehouse is very necessary and Reach does exactly what you need. It will keep an account of the stock in your warehouse. After you enter the amount of the stocks available to column with product sold will automatically match up with the product available. A very easy process with Reach thus it is suggested as a  best billing software for diamond wholesalers.

  1. Bulk messaging

The ads and offers just gets easier to send out with Reach Accountant. Update your employees as well about any changes at work or new information about any products etc. Escape from the time consuming and expensive processes.

  1. Lead management

Log in just one account and get all your updates and leads etc. Reach syncs all your email accounts in it as well so you can get all of it in one software and don”™t have to log in other accounts and you can save time. Import all your leads directly from google docs and keep it all easy and simple.

  1. Mobile app

A software that is easy to access from everywhere must be mobile friendly as well so that you don”™t need a system to access it in the middle of the desert or a crowded public transport. Stay simple and updated with Reach Accountant mobile app. Track everything in your store and employees and your accounts just name it it will in your mobile app. Making Reach Accountant  one of the best billing software for diamond wholesalers.


Why Reach?

When you have a store you need so much to manage and maintain, thus you need your eyes all over the place. But is it possible with being a human? That is the exact reason you need a software to do it fo0r you, and update it to you, so that you really can reach your hands everywhere.

Reach is here to do so, to make everything easier and simple for you and your company. All the billings, saving of accounts, watching the warehouse, your profit and the whole of the store can be under your control. Not only when you are in the store accessed to it. You can access it from anywhere and everywhere, it really will make you reach anywhere and nothing will go unnoticed so you can rely on Reach Accountant completely.

Find out how reach helped Mr. Sophilla Harris’s jewellery store to handle accounts and have simpler way of handling his business through this video given below.


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