Best Billing Software for Retail Shops

Reach Accountant is a Super Fast Billing Software for Retail Shops on the Cloud. Tailor made for every vertical

If You are Searching for the Best Billing Software for Retail shops then you have landed on the right Page


  • Point of Sale
    • Your point of sale needs to be really quick to ensure your customers have very little waiting time. It should also intelligently let you know the customers billing patterns. Reach Accountant is the best billing software for your retail shop in India. You can find more information here
  • Works even when Internet is disconnected
    • Reach Billing Software for Retail shops works even when your internet is disconnected; so you will not have to worry about a weak internet connection. It saves the data on your desktop and later updates to the Cloud servers when internet reconnects
  • Bill across multiple counters without server
    • You can now straight away start using the billing software in your retail shop without worrying about investing in servers and other expensive hardware. Reach Accountant provides a free cloud server which stores your data with an uptime of over 99.9%
  • Loyalty points
    • Manage customer loyalty by crediting redeemable points on every purchase which the customer can redeem later on his purchases. You can also send bulk sms to customers to let them know of an offer or discount.
  • Real time reporting of cash balances
    • Unlike desktop billing software, Reach Accountant billing software for retail shops reports cash settlement figures realtime. The stock and receivables are also managed easily.
  • Location wise Sales
    • Its easy to track sales across locations by using the best billing software for retail shops in India.
  • Product wise sales tracking
    • You can instantly know which product is fast moving and which is not. You can also identify your best salesman and best customer to share your appreciation for them. Reach Accountant also helps you to make your future purchases more informed.
  • Auto Purchase Indents
    • The billing software helps you to replenish extinguished stock by automatically creating purchase indents when the stocks go below minimum stock orders set.

Who can use:


  • Shop ( 1 user, Rs. 21,000/-)
  • Store ( 5 users, Rs. 42,000/- )
  • Showroom ( unlimited users, Rs. 63,000/-)

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Next Steps

1. Take a demo of all the above software

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2. Evaluate what suits you best
3. Take a Trial to see if it suits your working pattern
4. Buy the software

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