Simple Sales Team Management Software for Small Business


Automate your sales team completely by using Reach Accountant ( A simple sales team management software) capturing and managing from enquiry to sales.




  • Mobile app for Sales Executives
    • You will never miss an enquiry again. Every enquiry can be captured and assaigned to a sales executive. The sales executive will be able to access the assaigned enquiries from their mobile app. They can also update status, send quotes, raise sales orders or invoices on the go from their mobile phones itself. … More information here
  • Sync to gmail and POP3
    • You can sync all the enquiries coming to your email server directly to the software. The software keeps the email enquiries ready for you to assaign to your sales executive every morning.
  • Auto sms sync
    • You can acknowledge enquiries from your customers or inform them about the allotted sales executive or even remind them about the upcoming appointment by sending an sms automatically.
  • Quotations
    • You can directly email or sms professional quotations to the customers either from your computer or from mobile phones on the go.
  • Sales Orders
    • You sales executives can see the available stock while raising a sales order without calling to check with the stores. The software also makes it easy for the logistics team to plan their packagings.
  • Invoicing
    • Raise professional invoices with your own branding on the go. You can make sure that your Invoices are not kept waiting and also collect receipts quicker by setting up reminders.


Top Reasons to buy

  • Capture Leads directly from your website
    • You can capture leads using our sales team management software auto magically from your website. A simple html form available in the software can be embedded in your website to push leads directly into the software
  • Capture leads directly from email
    • You can use the sales team management software to capture leads directly from your gmail or pop3 email. You will have to sync your email server into the software and the sales team management software will automatically capture the relevant leads.
  • Send bulk messaging to your customers
    • You can now send bulk emails or sms to your customers, employees or vendors using our sms sync features. This will help you to keep your customers informed of upcoming offers, discounts etc.
  • Manage your Sales team effectively
    • You can increase the productivity of the sales team 5x by providing them with powerful sales team management software. This will help your team to focus on their key skill, SELLING. while the software takes care of the reporting.
  • Make every lead count
    • Increase your revenues using the sales team management software by making every lead count. Never miss a lead and acknowledge every enquiry professionally.




  • Bronze (1 user, Rs. 1000/- per month )
  • Silver (3 users, Rs. 2000/- per month )
  • Gold ( unlimited users, Rs. 3000/- per month )


Next Steps

1. Take a demo of all the above software

( Click Here For a Demo of reach accountant, you can call 9566023463 or visit Reach Accountant and Chat with an Expert)

2. Evaluate what suits you best
3. Take a Trial to see if it suits your working pattern
4. Buy the software

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