Construction Project and Task Management Software

Manage your  project and task along with accounting. Ideal Construction Project and Task management software for Air conditioning, Construction and Infrastructure project companies

 Why Reach?

Since Reach is a Cloud Based Online ERP Software It Offers You Data Flexibility ie You can work  on flexible Time even When you are not in the office. Your Data will be secured and you can backup your data at any time. Reach will automate nook and corner of your Business process. From Lead Generation, you can Track Your Work Flow up to closure and estimate the profit. Reach will serve as a Perfect project and Task management Software for Contractors. Here we have Listed the features of the Best Online Construction project and Task Management Software in India

Features of Best Construction Project and Task Management Software

  • Project Management
    • Create Projects and add the planned quantities and budgets. You can also set up planned purchase cost for every item and control your project cost.
  • Task Management
    • Manage every task by mapping them under every project. Mark every task as completed once finished and set timelines. Tasks help you to break the project into smaller bits and set expected timelines.
  • Bill of Quantities
    • Create Bill of Quantities for every project and set expected purchase dates. You can raise purchase requests as and when need arises.
  • Invoicing
    • You can raise Invoices and automatically look up for completed projects and tasks. The project and task management software
  • Purchase Management
    • Manage and control your purchase withing pre-set purchase parameters and also control the quantities which is purchased. Gives you complete control over your Purchases.


Who can use

  • Construction Projects
  • Cooling Solution Projects
  • Interior Decoration Projects
  • Architects
  • Infrastructure Projects




    • Bronze (1 user, Rs. 1000/- per month )
    • Silver (3 users, Rs. 2000/- per month )
    • Gold ( unlimited users, Rs. 3000/- per month )


    Next Steps

    1. Take a demo of all the above software

    ( Click Here For a Demo of reach accountant, you can call 9566023463 or visit Reach Accountant and Chat with an Expert)

    2. Evaluate what suits you best
    3. Take a Trial to see if it suits your working pattern
    4. Buy the software

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