What to look for in a project management software?


What to look for in a project management software?Many business look for project management software that can take care of their project. Since there are many business management that take care of every type of business, project management helps business that are mainly builders and service based business.

You are aware of a project management software but not just any software can be installed and used. You need to know what is that you exactly want and what is suitable for your business. Let us look at such points that will be beneficial for you before you go ahead and purchase a project management software.

  1. What kind of product are you looking for and what is available?

First of all you will have to find out what is that you require for your project management and what type of system will be a solution for your type of business. What is the price range that you are looking for and what is the market providing. Take a note of every product and go through their features before shortlisting any.

Look for all the features that you require in your business and check for the software that provide similar requirements so you know whom to contact.

  1. How is the scheduling function?

Look for a solution that has a proper scheduling system. Some software provide tough scheduling with hard to reach codes. Choose a software that is easy to work with so it is easy for your clients to understand and cooperate with you and the system. There are software that allows you to keep reminders and helps in breaking the project into tasks and makes it simpler for you to handle the business.

Make sure your software allows you to see the work progress as well and helps in scheduling each project easily so you can manage them separately. An expandable software is more preferable as there are many reports per project and hence you can take up as many projects as you can.

  1. Does the software allow harmony between the tasks?

When you break down the tasks you also put them into steps. They are finish to start, start to start, finish to finish and start to finish. These are the steps of how a task must be operated. If the steps are not in harmony your project can get jumbled and you will find difficulty in managing it as it will bring communication gaps and the puzzle pieces for you project will remain unsolved or will be solved in a chaotic manner. Therefore make sure that your project management system supports harmony between the tasks.

  1. Can it be customized?

You might be dealing with a service business but there will be different types of services involved be it car repair or if builders, you might have to build different kinds of projects. Learn before hand if the solution customize with every type of project and service or not.  As you cannot expect just one type of project therefore your software will have to adjust and be cooperative with no matter what project you take up. If it is not easy to operate it is not worth it, since it is built for making your tasks easier hence it will have to prove it by bending in your ways.

  1. How good is it in managing resources?

Resources in a business can mean all that helps in running the business and what helps in giving result to the projects. See to that your project management system tracks the expenses and gives you reports in details. There are project management software that integrates with inventory and accounting and shows the expenses spent daily on a project and shows the profitability and work progress on the dashboard. This way you know how to spend and your calculations remain accurate, helping you manage all your expenses and resources.



Reach Accountant is an accounting software that is entirely cloud based and hence is accessible from anywhere but gives bank level security to your records and accounts.

It has a feature that helps in project management which tracks all your expenses and gives all the updates to you in real time. It helps you manage the project even when you are not at the working area.

Reach”™s bulk sms and email system allows you to alert your employees about any update that you want to convey about the project and your client can also be kept updated about the status of their project using this system.

Reach is also available as a mobile app which makes it even easier for you and your business as you can carry it around with you instead of accessing it from a laptop hence you can remain updated will all that is going on at the working area even when you are at home.
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