Customer Relationship Management (CRM) is equal to Customer Happiness Management (CHM)

Customer Relationship Management (CRM) is one of the critical areas of any B2C Business. For instance you take a Service business, Sales & Service Business, Retail Business, Traders or any business we all know that customer is the king. So it is very important for companies to take care of their customers. But how do you know whether your customers are happy or not. This is where CRM for wholesale distributors will help you in making your customers happy.

See How a CRM for Wholesale Distributors works:

Any CRM programme implemented into the system should have only one objective that is to keep your customers happy. Every Happy Customer can give you more new customers. It is in your hands to expand your customer base. There is no single formula for customer happiness. What works for one business may not work for many. So it is important to understand your business to the core and find out ways to keep your customers happy.

CRM for wholesale distributors

CRM is equal to CHM

To understand that you need to divide Sales into various stages as given below:

  •  Pre-Sales
  • During Sales
  • Post Sales within a month
  • Post Sales after 6 months

As a company, you can make your customers happy in all the four stages. In the first two stages, even though they are only your prospects the approach and service will have a definite impact in converting your prospect into a customer. But the major role of CRM for wholesale distributors will come into play in the last 2 stages. In any business, CRM for wholesale distributors can be implemented with the help of people and technology. Technology plays an important role in helping people to manage CRM for wholesale distributors of a business.

The technology which you are using to manage CRM for wholesale distributors should be suitable for your business. CRM for wholesale distributors is basically to be in regular touch with your customers and create positive thoughts about your company in the minds and hearts of your customer. CRM for wholesale distributors helps your business in managing your customers by sending automatic mails and messages about discounts, offers, birthday wishes, Anniversary wishes etc. You can easily come across such CRM for wholesale distributors in the market. But choosing the right one is crucial. If the chosen CRM for wholesale distributors has accounting and inventory modules it will solve the purpose. You can view the list of software which can do it with ease.

Even though technology can do its bit in CRM for wholesale distributors, it is important to have human touch when communicating with the customer. Just imagine a customer support person calls up the customer and wishes him on his birthday, don’t you think the customer will remember it and will share that experience to people whom they see on that day. In fact, it will stay in their mind for long. To do this phone call, it does not cost much. These are small things which will have a huge impact in the hearts of the customers. How about sending flowers/sweets/cake on the birthday followed by a phone call? Just think about ways to keep your customers happy. But the basics have to be right which is nothing but delivering what is promised. In addition to that if you do these small things then the customer will be very happy. There are so many ways to make your customer happy. Only one thing which you have to keep in mind is the type of business you are in and the budget that can be allocated to customer happiness management.

To conclude, a company which has more of happy customers will have more of new customers.

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