Food Manufacturing Software with GST for Small Business in India


Not only cooking now food processing and manufacturing is also simplified using Food Manufacturing Software with GST. You can easily trace your product quality and the process completion, using the ERP software. Let us review some of the key features of food processing ERP software.

Inventory Management

You can feel comfortable with software which helps you with your food safety requirements, inventory management, and compliance no matter the quantity is. For food processors the raw materials used should be fresh and clean. The quantity and cost also varies according to the season and market value. So it is really tough to manage these things using excel sheets. Food Manufacturing Software with GST will remains as a best and permanent solutions for these problems. It automatically checks the market rates and alerts you when there is increase or decrease in price. If the inventory is running out of stock it automatically raises purchase order. Not only Food processors food distributors can also use ERP software for low inventory costs

Process Manufacturing

ERP software holds the details about how much quantity are running in the process and when will the process complete so that you can ready for sales. You can make sale of your stock which are staying before deadline with low costs or at offer price quickly using the stock quantity displayed in the dashboard. your business also gain using the accurate offer price that won”™t affect your investment can be calculated by the software itself.


It meets your industry compliance and governance through MSDS, FDA and cGMP. You can check out the tracking details from Order creation, Instant Quotes, Packing, Shipment, back order, Purchase Order raising, Receiving, invoicing, Billing, delivery etc.

The process equipped with totally secure and scalable Formula Module with version and roll capabilities, comprehensive Bill-Of-Materials for multiple sizing and packaging, Product Development (R&D), Batch Processing and Cost Analysis. It is embedded with elaborate Material Planning. So that it reduces waste. Integrated modules and the dashboard system facilitate you to make trading efficient over variety of products at same time.


Food manufacturing software functionality includes formula and recipe management, forward and backward lot trace

ability, scalable batches, product grade management, bi-product and co-product processing, multi-level yield management, private-label operations, and good manufacturing practices support. Today”™s food processors, however, require more than a stand-alone manufacturing software system. Beyond its manufacturing capabilities, ERP Software integrates all business operations from order entry, customer service, inventory, and warehousing, to material planning, purchasing, and financial management. The end result of this fully-integrated approach is faster, more efficient, more accurate data processing and improved organization-wide access to information with a single food manufacturing software system. Food manufacturing software optimizes their production operations and improves bottom-line profitability.


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