ERP Software with GST for Medical Equipment Manufacturer and Surgical Equipment Trader

If you are a Medical Equipment Manufacturer or you can also be an Exporter of surgical business which includes the products like Hospital Furniture, Hospital Equipment, Medical Equipment, Surgical Instruments & Hospital Hollowware then ERP Software with GST  is there to manage your database. Surgical Information system is more or less equal to handling a baby so that it is necessary to be upgraded in each and every minor details of the equipment so that there wontbe any trouble using for treatment. ERP system with GST provides complete software solutions for surgical information system which helps you manage your details.

Inventory Management

You can check out the list of imported machines and it alerts you when there is lack of important spare parts. It also enables you to check out the number of medical equipments that implemented in your customer clinic or hospital even from a single syringe to highly cost scanners. ERP software will reminds you the expiry date of medicines and also the warranty period of the equipments from the date of installation. So, you can check out your annual maintenance and monthly report more easily from the dashboard. It also reminds the details about the ancillary items provided or required with the medical equipments and also about the person who is looking after the equipment. Due to the use of ERP System with GST the typical medical technique of constant checking at every entry level can be achieved.

Supply Management

While talking about the inventory management this ERP system will surely helps you get rid of vendors whom are asking for commission. You can easily handle the data with you and your customer health centers. So there”™s a benefit and gain of money due to non commission trading. You can even make your trade internationally and track your equipment from sales order followed by dispatching, shipping, delivery, installation, warranty, repair, replacement and return. ERP system is the best to handle the details about the barcode number or the serial number of the product to track it from missing or stolen or about the complaint about warranty details. If the product is under warranty period the system asks for replacement or service as per the terms and conditions or asks for renewal if it is running out of warranty to secure the system


The software not only assists you in the medical equipment tracking details but also in making the billing and transactions more easily. It makes Instant Accounting and calculates the taxes based on the policies and reminds the taxpaying the dates to avoid penalty. It also encounters the top customers details so that the discount for each customer can be easily calculated based on their purchase. ERP system will get you more easily without any confusion with the thousands of equipment purchased by a single customer.

Access Management

The equipment details can be maintained clearly and personally only between the company and the specified person of the health center or their members using separate id and is being secured with the password.  The profile will clearly provide all the details to recovery details including serial number, barcode number, and cost of the equipment, applicable discount, shipping charges, and installation charges, warranty expiry date purchasing date, renewal date, and service person. These are not only maintained but also updated in every entry level. The systematic approach also helps your customer to get knowledge about what they are using about the configuration and they can easily share the details with another service person if case of emergency. Your customers will surely gets satisfied not only about the equipment but also with the service because ERP Software will takes care of chain management, supply management and case costing.

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